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Hi everyone! Sorry for having been MIA for the last few days. I've been trying to manage my new Uni schedule and assignments that have poured in right from day one. Also, my camera decided to stop working, and since I can't afford to buy a new one, I've gotta try and fix this one. Hopefully, I'l be back with new outfit posts as soon as I get a camera. (You wouldn't have one you're not using and willing to lend now would you!?)

Remember when I spoke about my hair care regime (or lack of it)? No? You can go back and refresh your memory here. Well, here's the next part in the same series.
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Today, I wanna talk about oil. Ever since I was a little kid, I remember mom (and pretty much everyone else) telling me to oil my hair regularly. Schools always have a 'oil your hair' rule in India, which I used to hate, but did it work in my favor long term. Most of my childhood memories have me with my hair up in two tight braids on my head, with copious amount of oil, tied with white ribbons. I figured while its important to talk about washing your hair, this little pre-hairwash routine is just as important in my book.

Now over the years, I've experimented with variations of oiling everyday (school rules), to alternate days (me being cheeky in school) to just before I wash my hair (hello college life!), and to not oiling it at all for days (cos of course my assignment was more important than the hair on my head!). How has it worked out for me?

I've seen serious decline in my hair quality since I stopped oiling it before washes. This year, I plan to oil atleast twice a week before washes because it works as a great conditioner and come on, who doesn't like warm oil massages right?!

What hair oils to use?
I've been using Parachute Coconut Hair Oil for years now! It was my go to during school days and well into my teens. However, here are a few things to keep in mind before you go find out which oil is best suited for you.

1. Find out your hair and scalp type: I cannot stress this enough! You need to know what kind of hair you have before your go out to buy products for it. You wouldn't go out and buy food without knowing whether your allergic to something or not right? This is something like that. Is it naturally fine and poker straight? Is your scalp oily or does it flake a lot? You need to figure out what type of hair you have, and also whether you have some specific problem areas (excessive hairfall, dandruff, frizzy hair)

Choose the Best Oil for Hair out of Various Natural Oils (5)
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2. Figure out what areas you want to focus on: There are different hair oils that work for different things. For instance, coconut oil is great for natural conditioning. It also helps with hair loss and damaged hair. Basically its pretty much the king of hair oils. However, almond oil is the best restricting hair loss. Go out, and figure out what you want to focus on, and only then do the actual buying.
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3. Experiment! : No, I don't mean go out and buy every coconut hair oil in your drugstore and then use one every week. What I mean is while it may take some time to know what best works for your hair (remember, no matter what people say, everybody's hair is different) try out a couple of different types of hair oils till you decide on one. Use a particular for about a month or two, track your results and then try a different brand and repeat.
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4. Be Patient: After you've decided on what you like, don't expect to see immediate results. If you've been losing hair by the bucket, then chances are, it will be a while before you see definite results. Ensure that you stick to your routine before you throw that tantrum about it not working. Relax, breathe and dream of better days.
Choose the Best Oil for Hair out of Various Natural Oils (4)
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So what's the routine I use? What are my hair oils you ask?

My routine: I've alternated between using a hair oil called Keratex which is purely herbal and the drugstore Parachute Scalp Therapie Hair Oil. They both give pretty great results in reducing hairfall. I would suggest Keratex if you want an ayurvedic oil. Fair warning though, they both have quite a pungent odor so if you don't like herby hair oils, I'd try something like the regular Parachute hair oil (which is quite odorless, you know, for hair oils).

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 Hope the above post helped you figure out oils. Want me to talk about something specific? Tell me in the comments below and I'll definitely try to tackle it in my next post!

I'm thinking of making this a bi-weekly thing on the blog! Would you like that? Tell me about it in the comments. Or find me on Twitter and Facebook! Share share share! 

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