The Back End


Its mid November and summer refuses to leave my city. Yes, I love summer and all its glorious views like being roasted alive on public transport with a dozen other people, but I do pray that winter comes soon. Or atleast "not summer dresses" weather. Its really frustrating when you have all your pretty winter clothes lined up and nowhere to wear them!

In the meantime, however, I shall wear all my summer dresses to death. I've been into interesting design details lately. Give me something with a knot or a cutout and I'll be all over it (also if its stripes, ALWAYS get it). When I came across this dress in one of the shops it called to me with its interesting back. The print is extra girly (not what I usually go for) but then, to be honest, what sold me was the pockets! Hello, summer dress with pockets you can chuck loads of things in without looking like you are an overloaded boat? Win!!

Printed Skater Dress: Rs. 550, Colaba Causeway
Bracelet: Gift from one crazy yet loveable friend
Glasses: Gift from brother, Lenskart
Clutch: Rs. 200, Quikr
Ballet Flats: Rs. 300, Hill Road, Bandra

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1050, which is about ₤10.

You may have noticed that the pictures for this post seem to be taken at different times. That's absolutely true! I took these pictures on two different occassions when I wore it. Once while meeting friends, and the other, especially for outfit pictures for the blog. I've tried really hard to take a good picture of the back, but I'm still not happy. So next time I wear it, hopefully I can convince my friend to take a picture. In the meantime, hope you have better (read cooler) weather than my city. I look forward to tweaking this dress to work for cooler weather!

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