3 Ways to Wear : A Kurti to the Beach


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A day at the beach in India is riddled with people covered from head to toe compared to other beaches out there. Of course one of the most iconic Indian items of clothing is a Kurti but I know a lot of people frown at the thought of wearing it to work thinking it's distinctly 'aunty' clothing. Read on to know how you can be trendy and still wear it to the beach!

With the temperatures rising, I'd say it's time to forget these ideas and bring the kurti to the beach with all the fanfare it deserves. I personally LOVE the idea of upstyling a kurti so that it's on trend and stands out! Just to prove my point, every single look here was actually shot at the beach and a couple of variation of these looks have been worn by me over time to the beach. Let's dive in

1. Kurti + Shorts

You know those side slit dresses that have taken over the fashion world the last couple of years, well kurtis were doing it before the fashion gurus caught on! The easiest way to wear a kurti to the beach and still look on point is to pair it with denim shorts. This gives you an easy way to rock the kurti while still being beach friendly and most certainly not dowdy. Add a pair of pretty flats and tassel earrings and you have a simple, clean, modern look with a desi twist.

2. Kurti + Palazzos
Okay, so this is something that you definitely think falls in the old lady category but here's the thing. If you choose colors and prints that work for you, you can definitely wear a look like this and still feel young! Palazzos are the modern girl's answer to salwars and when worn in bright colors like this one, make for a pretty outfit. Yet again, pairing it with the right accessories is the key thing. I paired mine with these gorgeous earrings and then of course, added my 'I don't leave home on weekends without this beauty' straw bag. This was a full price buy but I have absolutely loved it and it's been more of a 30 wears pieces!
3. Kurti + Skirt
Okay, so you're not a kurti person but love weary breezy dresses to the beach? Yeah me too! Try a bit of clever layering and turn a kurti into a pretty dress. I paired this kurti with my pleated pink skirt (also seen in this other 3 ways post from last year) and voila, there's a pretty interesting dress that's just asking for a gush of wind to float in it's glory.

And those are three super easy, quick ways to style a kurti folks. The idea is to take something that you'd never wear to the beach and make it beach friendly. Honestly ladies, it's better to reuse the things you already own rather than going and buying new things for every ocassion. Remember, always shop your closet first before you decide to hit the streets. I know I always do!

So what are you waiting for? Dip your toes in the cool waters, wear a scarf if your hair flies and enjoy your pretty day!

PS: Do you always end up a disaster like me at the beach?

Just download my personal guide to the beach with a handy checklist of things that'll have you out of the house and on the beach in minutes!

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