Longer is Better


Hey Everyone! How's your week been so far? I can't believe its the weekend already. I feel like I haven't had a weekend at all (thank you Uni!) and I'm still in a big blob of the never-ending week from hell. Oh well, I did do a spot of shopping to alleviate the no weekend pains so that's a good thing right?

Maxi Dress: Rs. 600, Fashion Street
Earrings: Gift from a blogger friend
Ballet Flats: Rs. 250, Borivali
Bag: Gift from Mom

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 850, which is around ₤8.

Last Sunday, I decided to splurge a little and took my mom for a bit of shopping. It was really tiring but we managed to get some seriously cool stuff for mom. If you're ever on the lookout for good quality, sensible, Indian wear I suggest going to Malad in a shop called Albeli (You can mail me for details and a referral). You won't be disappointed! Since it was my day off, I decided it was best to forgo the pants and wear a no fuss maxi dress. In my world, maxi dresses are one of the best inventions by man. And the longer they are, the better they look. They eliminate the need to figure out proper separates that work, and still look like you've made an effort. I did get dressed while watching a rerun of The Big Bang Theory, so I guess its safe to say I was a tad distracted.

Now that spring is here, I  envision lots of maxi dresses and jumpsuits on the weekends. I can't seem to muster the time or the energy to pull out "two" pieces of clothing. What will you be wearing for spring?

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PS: Stay tuned for a very special weekend edition of  'Thrifty Thursday' post coming up in a short time! 

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