Always Be My Baby


Its my sister's birthday! Woot woot! Happy birthday girl! This girl has been 'The Sister' all my life. Okay, so my friends know her as that girl who always manages to make me worry, smile, go nuts and become mommy like, all at the same time!

Now my sister dearest is going through a pretty tough time this year. Lots of personal things, but I still felt she needed a special post dedicated to her. You see, most of our conversations revolve around how I wish she was more sensible with life choices, and how she wishes she could get me to a party! Of course, clothes, and street shopping always creep into any and every conversation that we have. So I rarely get a chance to say what I think. (This could also be coz we both love talking and get distracted by shiny new things/food quite easily). Honestly, for almost all my childhood, 'sister' always meant her. Yes, we have a love-hate relationship and I still remember fighting with her over toys and then screaming and crying. Only to start talking to each other the very next minute and fussing over whether she's had her dinner. So, this is a bit of a special dedication to all things her.

Over the years, the silly dramas and crazy escapades have given way to a much stronger bond. The thing that hasn't changed though is the constant affection. We have fought, loved and rebelled but that's just made us love each other(well, atleast I love her loads). I still always tell people, 'Ugh! She gets on my nerves!!' but then in the very next breath, if you manage to say anything negative, 'Don't you dare say anything bad about her! She's my sister!'. That's the bond we have. She always tells me she wants my hair, yes, somedays I want yours too. Her crazy obsession with butterflies has rubbed off on me (hey, remember those back to back butterfly posts?). While I doubt our fashion sense will ever be on the same wavelength, I think that's a good thing. Its just another excuse to have variety in our wardrobes (I'm flicking your dress okay! OKAY!?!). Of course it irritates me to no end when we end up having the same thing in the same color (yea, I don't do matchy matchy) but then hey, sisters. And while we're on this subject, can we just acknowledge the fact that she has a keen eye while street shopping! You go girl!

Girl, you may feel you're alone today, but your not. You've only got to open your mind to all the people who care for you. I may be a few thousand miles away, but I still worry about you to no end. Yes, I disapprove of most of your crazy friends (you know how many of them I like right?) and yes I mother you to an annoying level. The big sister in me always comes out whenever you tell me about some of the more risque things that you do. But then, so does my pride. You're a strong, beautiful, independant girl, and while you'll always be my 'baby' sister, I'm so proud of who you are. Yes, sometimes a little vain (I want Micheal Kors remember?) and self-absorbed (who isn't right?) but still such a kind and caring person. You love everyone with a fierce passion and while I may try to tweak a few things from time to time (big sister instincts in full force), I really think you're brilliant the way you are! Keep smiling, and dancing, and talking, n screaming and being you. I love you to bits baby girl! xoxoxo

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