Hello Blogosphere. I'm really very sorry I've been away for a long time. Life has taken a few crazy turns in last few days, and I simply have been running full speed to keep up. Why have I been away you ask?
Well, it started off with a spell of acute sickness, and ended with a family tragedy. It seems like a lifetime ago that I thought running a temperature of 102 for two days straight was the worst thing that could happen in my life.

Well, turns out I was wrong. I lost my uncle this month, and it has been an extremely rough time for the family. My sisters have been crazy strong through the whole thing (I'm so proud of you girls!). Its crazy how so many lives can change in an instant. We have been running all over trying to get the legal formalities done, and now that we have a little time to breath, its started to sink in. My uncle has always been something like a slightly different version of my dad. He's always been there, always helping out everyone who asked for it ( I doubt I've ever heard him deny a request from anyone he was close to), always ready with a joke and a smile, worrying about his daughters and treating me like one. I know I cannot do much but share his wife and daughters' pain, but I hope I can help them whenever they need me.
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I believe this has taught me to value my family. I've realized that all the anger, resentment and strife that we create is just a waste of our precious lives. The important thing is just that, life. We need to be grateful that we are living, that we have the opportunity to talk to one another and treasure each and every person who shares our life. All the fights that I've ever had with my sisters and brothers, pale in comparison with the magnitude of this truth. Why waste time being angry? Life is ever so fickle and can change in an instant. Yes, we need to be tough and face it. But then, isn't it easier when you have the people you love standing by you? I've realized its necessary to tell the people you love that you love them...before its too late. Treasure your family, friends and share the love, because that's what is going to get you through all the tough times.

I know this may not mean a lot, but I'm extremely grateful for every person who has been a part of my life. I may not say this everyday, I may not express it, but I do love each and every one of you. I hope that you pray for my Uncle and his family and may God show them the way to get through this.

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