Online Shopping Review: Elabore Store


My love for scarves is not secret. So when the people at Elabore Store asked me to review their site, I jumped at the opportunity to find some good quality items online. I have to admit, I hadn't heard about them before they contacted me, but now I'm kicking myself as to why not!

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Scarves are the one piece of accessory that can work in any season. Now I love buying scarves on the street, but its nice to have a reliable option for buying the good stuff. Their site has a comprehensive collection of almost all the types of scarves, stoles and shawls you will ever wish for. Want a genuine Pashmina or a fine silk stole? Elabore has you covered. I especially like their cashmere collection which has some truly beautiful pieces.

  • A comprehensive collection of scarves, stoles and shawls which cover most of the Indian weaves.
  • Easy navigation based on you're needs... fabric, style, occassion, season they've got separate tabs for all that quickly get you what you want. 
  • Free Shipping on ALL orders! 
  • Easy returns, they even reimburse you in the form of store credit for shipping defective items back if you're unhappy with any product.
  • Some items seem to have slightly higher prices than those available on the streets. 
  • There's a slight discrepancy in the FAQs that state that they do not ship worldwide, when there's a banner saying they do. I'm sure this is simply an update issue, and not that worrisome. I do believe that they ship worldwide.
  • For the same item in different colors, I feel it would be easier if I had an option to see all the items on one page with an option to select the color I like instead of going to the main menu and scrolling the list of all stoles. 
Wondering what they're products look like? I spent a long time browsing the site, and here's a list of my top 5 pick of the things I liked! 

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This is my favorite on the site! Its cashmere, and has the most gorgeous chekered print!

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My sister has the same one, this one for Rs. 347, is a cool bargain in my opinion. Its great for covering up in summers without feeling the heat and sweat. review, review of elabore store, online shopping for scarves in india, pashmina, cashmere, scarves, paisely printed scarf, what to buy online, indian fashion blogger
The traditional print makes it a perfect addition to a simple while kurti outfits that we wear all summer. 

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Funky prints are what make you stand apart from the world. And this scarf mixes prints beautifully.

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A gorgeous silk scarf in a neon color? How could that be wrong?! And its reversible too!

Currently, they have a special offer going where you can use the EXTRA20 code to get a discount on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1000 and a site wide inaugural sale aswell! Happy shopping!

PS: While I was compensated for this post, all the views expressed here are my own and completely unbiased. I never post about anything that I wouldn't personally buy with my own money.  

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