Grumpy Cat


Summers in India are hot and brutal. I've gone about three shades darker and on most days I look like a human frying pan. Sure, I get to eat mangoes! Yep, gotta love summers for mangoes. But this still doesn't cover the fact that I simply can't stand the heat anymore. So excuse the grumpy expressions. I did manage a couple of smiles once I got to the beach and got my feet wet. Nothing like a little blue to calm those overheated nerves. Right?

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Printed Dress: Rs. 500, Globus
Bangles: Rs. 50, Trains
Beach Thongs: Rs. 100, Borivali

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 650, which is around £6.5.

This dress always makes me think I'm a human art-piece. And to think I didn't even want to buy it in the first place! I just got the bow out and did a little kooky tying to make it look more streamlined. I imagine taking to a meeting with a fitted blazer and a chignon (hopefully with a smile too). Overall, not a very good face, but still a gorgeous dress.

How have you been dealing with the summer heat? Tell me in the comments or talk to me on FACEBOOK

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