Traveller's Guide: 5 Things You Need to Do in Hong Kong


Hong Kong! My first trip outside the country. My first International Conference. A lot of firsts!

In case you haven't realised by now, a few weeks ago, I visited Hong Kong for a research conference. I spent a week there and with a week long conference, I didn't have much time to do touristy things. However, I did visit a few places and while these may not top the list of Things to do, I think they're worth a shot.

I didn't visit Disneyland. I didn't visit Ocean park. Yes, I think other than a couple of places, I skipped most of the conventional tourist spots. However! I did do a few things, which I think a lot of people may not consider, so I thought I'd list them all out.

1. Visit The Peak after Sunset

Before I left, I was told that, if there's one thing I do, it has to be visiting The Peak. Well, since I had an evening free, I went there with a friend. Boy oh boy, weekends are not a very good time to go there! There was a huge queue which last about an hour. But is it worth it?
Definitely! The 360 degree view of the city at night is absolutely stunning. I think the best time would be to go before sunset and then stay to see the city transform. Oh, and there's a light show that you can enjoy if you time your trip right!

2. Nan Lian Garden

A picturesque piece of heaven in the middle of the city, this place stole my heart. If you're there for a conference or business trip, visit this garden for a pleasant break from the crazy city. At the same time, they have a lovely little cafe that serves vegetarian and vegan food!
This buddhist garden is definitely a must visit, if you like peaceful places.

3. Star Ferry Pier

In this case, you don't even need to go on the Ferry. The Pier is a pleasant place for all people who like water. Its an interesting place to go see localities and tourists, all acting like excited children as they take selfies along the Hong Kong version of the Walk of Fame. I particularly liked how I could observe the changing weather during my walk along the Pier. (All of the above pictures were taken within the span of less than 20 minutes).

4. Travel By Metro

Almost all the locals in Hong Kong use the Metro to travel to work everyday. They are the counterpart of Mumbai Local Trains, and I travelled on almost all the major lines during my visit. Its a lovely experience, and you can even take the Metro to Disneyland if that's on your list. A little incentive, most big metro stations are attached to a mall(see the image, there's a metro on the ground floor), so you can squeeze in shopping with this adventure!

5. Shop

Finally, this is something that has to be done. Hong Kong has almost all the biggest brands, and then their factory outlets too! I lived close to CityGate on my visit there, which is a huge mall full of high end factory outlet stores. If I had any money in my bank, I'd probably have maxed out all my cards! Oh, there was a sale on the mall too.
However, if you can't afford the malls, there's so many lovely boutiques and street stores that you can visit. These have affordable yet good quality clothing and accessories. All you need is patience and you'll find some great deals.

And that's it folks! If you're pressed for time, these are some things that can fit into your schedule and still add value to your trip. Goes without saying, that you need to try authentic chinese food while you're there. Even if you're a vegetarian, there are still some delicious things you can find.

Have I missed some of your favorites? Tell me in the comments below!

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