Designer Store Spotlight: Shopresso


Online shopping is fast becoming my main means of shopping these days thanks to a tight schedule. This means that while I hunt for economical finds online, I also find a lot of lesser know yet fabulous designer brands.

Shopresso is one such brand that I stumbled across and decided needed to be featured here. While I usually talk about things I like, I thought it was time to go deeper and get to the soul of the brand. I truly believe that each online store is unique and its always good to know a little more about them.

So, I got in touch with Renu, who is the lady behind the brand (that's the lovely lass in the pic below), and asked her a few questions that I'm sure lots of people have when they want to shop designer wear online. Because, of course designer wear is expensive, and of course you'd want to know that your pieces are made with love. Right? So here's what we talked about....

In conversation with, Renu from Shopresso

Me: Please tell us something about yourself and how you work.
Renu: I operate on three key qualities; Experience, sensibility and enthusiasm. I actually have a corporate background where I've proven track record of partnering with leadership to design and deliver successful human resources programs. I try to bring that extensive experience, combined with my Indian sensibilities to give a unique experience to all my customers. 

Me: From corporate to E-commerce, that's quite a leap. How did Shopresso come about?

Renu: After  near about 5 years of experience in corporate, I started iwedding solution (a wedding consultancy ) under the guidance and support of my friend Rashmi Singh  in 2011. There, I helped people find the best suited vendors in their budget. my happiness used to be on peak when I made that happen. Then gradually it became passion to give  my best  advice and guidance (of course after doing all market research for my clients). And this got me thinking that lets do something in a  way that again all clients should get their best suited vendors at one place; whether its for a  party, wedding or anything!! It should be exclusive and in their budget. (Me, nods emphatically at this point). That's when Shopresso happened. So here we are, giving products in jewellery, apparels, footwear, handbags, and hoping to add much more soon. 

Me: So, what's the one thing that sets you and Shopresso apart from your competitors?
Renu: What motivates me and I think sets me apart, is my dream to give the biggest platform for customers to buy exclusive designer wear in their budget!! At the same time, its a common dais for talented upcoming designers to showcase their abilities freely. 

Me: Your collection is beautifully curated, what is the inspiration behind the different styles featured?
Renu: I feature tonnes of designers on the site, and each collection represents a different sensibility.   We have both Indian and western collections that range from Rs. 800 to 25000! 
 Here's a brief about what you'd expect from each collection
The Black Hole Concept By Geetika Saharia
This collection focuses on a creating an illusion of the stars in outer space flowing into a portal, leaving a blank canvas behind. A sense of time and space merging into one, exuding calm in an otherwise chaotic world. It is a reflection of the chaos which ensues within us , and the calm brought on by clearing the mind through meditation.

The Pleated Affair collection By Naina Seth
The Pleated Affair collection by Naina Seth inspired by the reflection movement & structure   of pleats. The beauty of this collection is in its intricately designed fabric manipulation techniques. Pleats & gathers move and change form with each move that you make, giving the ensemble a beautiful exquisiteness.

Harmony Collection By Ihkar 
‘Harmony’ is a collection inspired from nature. All parts are essential for plants to blossom -the flower, leaves, stems, roots etc. This collection focuses on- that every part of plant plays a vital role in bringing harmony in nature and plant life as well. The palette is vibrant and inspired from nature.There are color ways developed as well.

Pastel Collection By Anisha Shetty
This pret collection of Anisha Shetty consists of color block tops and tunics which can be paired with jeans, jeggings or as an overcoat on top of a dress. It also consist of plain pin tuck white tops which can be uses as formal wear or casual wear.

Chikankari Work At Its Best By Manoresh
Here one can see beautiful vast collection of chikankari kurties , sarees , palazzos

Me: Woah! That's a lot of variety in one store! So tell me, what do you love the most about having your own store?
Renu: Sense of contentment about the continues work on your dream, which is striking you harder n harder every single second stating "I wanna dream more !!"  Pleasure is the only thing to live for. Nothing ages like happiness.

Me: Those are definitely words to live, by. Now I'm curious, there's a section in the store where you can recycle your old clothes, how does that work?

Renu: The idea is that old doesn't need to be boring. You can always recycle something that you're     probably never going to wear, into something that excites you. Each piece in your wardrobe should spark some joy, and this is an endeavour to help you achieve that joy.

Me:    As a customer, give us the inside scoop, what are your future plans for the store?
Renu: I plan to bring  maximum  designers  on one Dias. Those designers who have magic in their creativity and could not get a chance to showcase their talent will be on board with Shopresso and spread their magic across the country. This platform imparts an eCommerce facility for upcoming labels/ brands , where in we support them in getting social visibility, a systematic easy, user friendly  way to purchase their collection .
We are also working on our shopping magazine, THE SHOPPING EXPRESS  where in our all designers collection will get featured individually.

Me:Oh wow! I think the shopping magazine is something everyone will look forward to! Finally, if  you had to define the spirit of Shopresso in one sentence, what would it be?
Renu: Shopresso is nothing but a medium to spread shopaholism

Well folks, I think this little chat with Renu actually made me realise that there's so much that goes on behind the scenes. Renu is a warm person who is clearly passionate about what she does. I want to thank her for being so patient and answering all my questions. I think its nice when you can connect the page with the idea when it comes to online shopping. If the above interview doesn't make you believe that its a pretty great store, I suggest you go see for yourself!

Shopped from Shopresso before? What was your experience? Tell me in the comments below.

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