Valentines Day Lookbook: The Brunch Date


Valentine's Day is just round the corner and I know there are lots of people out there already planning their outfits or probably frantically ordering things online at the last minute for their better halves. Personally, I'm spending the week pampering myself with a bunch of presents for myself and these are all making me smile loads! However, for all those love birds out there, here's look 1 of my 3 part series on Valentines.

Every post will have two outfits for the typical and the not so typical girl for every kind of valentines day plan! Today's theme? Brunch date. Ohhh imagine those lazy weekends where you wake up smiling and just know its going to be a good day. And then you find yourself walking to a lavish brunch buffet..... ahh, that's exactly where today's oufit is going!

For the girl who likes to follow cupid's colorbeam

Pink Dress: Rs. 500, Colaba Causeway
Floral Blazer: Rs. 1200, Spoyl
Bag: Rs. 600, Colaba Causeway
Hat: Rs. 300, Street shopping, Bandra
Shoes: Rs. 450, Big Bazaar

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 3050 which is about ₤31.

Photo Credits: Kinjal Sen

You can't go wrong with a nice bright dress and floral prints. This look doesn't need too much fuss but still makes you look chic and put together. A simple dress and a floral blazer are a quick way to add a bit of Valentine loving to your brunch look. Add a hat and some soft pink gloss and you're ready to enjoy a romantic day with all the food, erm..I mean your boy.

For the girl who likes to follow her own colorbeam

Vest: Rs. 150, Street Shopping
Shorts: Rs. 450, Depop
Flats: Rs. 550, H&M
Bag: Rs. 750, Koovs
Striped Blazer: Rs. 2000
Scarf: Rs. 50, Trains

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 3950, which is about ₤39.

Photo Credits: Princy Verma

So you don't think you can do flowers and you wouldn't be caught dead wearing pink? Well, add a little chic to your outfit by wearing your shorts with a printed blazer. Personally, I love stripes and that's why I picked this lovely blazer but honestly, you can add any print you like, or even a solid colored blazer in a bright color to a simple shorts and vest look to make it brunch ready. Oh, and bonus point, if you're having brunch by the beach (I know I would personally love that this Sunday), you can shrug off the blazer and be ready for that spot of beach volleyball or walk in the sea. W.I.N!

What are your plans this Valentine's Day? What would you wear to a brunch date? 
Tell me in the comments below! 

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