Rainy Day Outfit: What to Wear when its Raining Yet Sunny


Monsoon hitting the city mean a endless cycle of grey skies, petrichor and lots of wetness. Mumbai rains especially have a way of playing hide and seek with its residents with its completely unpredictable weather. One minute its pouring and the next it seems to be sunnier than a holiday at a beach. This means you have to be extra careful when you dress for such weather. Today's outfit is my interpretation of fun monsoon dressing.

The best thing about monsoons is the chance to flaunt your cool umbrellas. I love bright funky umbrellas that have a bit of an attitude. Punk girl? Frills Girl? Pink Girl? Rainbow Girl? No problem, there's an umbrella out there for every mood! Secondly, gum boots. Can we just take a moment and appreciate how lovely gum boots are during the rains? I personally like them a lot because they manage to keep my feet (most importantly my toe nails) dry and clean. Also, its much easier to avoid back splashes thanks to the length. And of course, the quirk factor that goes with wearing gum boots is superbly high! A must have in your closet during the monsoon.

Striped Off Shoulder Dress: Rs. 1900, Forever21
Umbrella: Sugarbox
GumBoots: Rs. 540, Stylflip
Sunglasses: 299, Forever21
Bag: Rs. 600, New Look

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 3339, which is around, ₤34

Photo Credits: Sirshendu Arosh

Finally, the dress. I think my mom has a heart attack every time I decide to wear white in the monsoons. Honestly, the splash stains are impossible to remove child; is what she always tells me. But I think white is a rather fun color to wear especially when the sun could come out any moment. The trick is to keep it shorter than usual so that you don't end up adding dirt patterns to your whites. Ooh, and bonus points if you manage to work in a on season trend (read cold shoulder dresses).

All in all, this is my kinda weekend outfit when its pouring. I know the skies may be grey, but you outfit doesn't need to be.

What's your go to rainy day outfit? Tell me in the comments below

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