The Best White Sneakers Under INR 900!!


White sneakers usually remind you of your school day when you wore your sports uniforms and tried to keep white but couldn't ever seem to do it! While these may bring back fond school memories, there is no denying the fact that they are on trend right now! I've seen these all through summer and even now in stores like Zara, Forever21, Koovs and so on for an average of  INR 1500-2000 a pop.

So what's the street hack??

White Sneakers: Rs. 900, La Judi, Hill Road, Bandra

Wondering where to get them for half the store price? La Judi in Bandra has the best white sneakers on the street. These cost Rs. 900 and the Adidas knock offs (The Gazelle copies aren't on the streets yet I'm afraid) are a couple of hundred more. The quality is great and matches that of the high street stores!

So what are you waiting for? Hit the Streets! Get these now!! 

Are you a part of the white sneaker trend? Tell me in the comments 

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