Sugarbox, November, 2016: The Travel Lust Edition


Sugarbox has been one of my all time favourite subscription boxes, and while I've almost stopped subscribing to all other boxes, this one still stays top of my list. This month, the theme was Travel lust and I couldn't have been more excited. Travel has been a newfound passion of mine and I always seem to be googling new travel destinations in my free time. This theme obviously had me dreaming of a few gorgeous goodies and let's see if these dreams were fulfilled shall we?

Here are the goodies I got in my November Sugarbox!

1. Cat Eyemask

This eyemask is such a lovely piece and while I would personally relate it to a more stay home theme, its a cute little addition for all those Christmas pajama parties everyone's bound to have. If not, its soft enough to guarantee a comfy night's sleep!

2. Makeup Pouch

A rather roomy makeup pouch that an hold all your brushes and pots of magic separately, this piece is quite useful when you've gotta travel with your makeup. A definite plus in any girl's travel trunk, this bright pink pouch has enough space for your glitter and glam kit!

3. Tinted Lip Balm
This balm is a deep brown shade and completely natural. I haven't yet tried it but seems to be a nice addition to winter's lip saviour collection. Travel lust themed appropriate? Only if you're going somewhere cold. 

4. Grey Sweatshirt with Hoodie

Let's face it. This isn't exactly the best fit with a travel box. While the sweatshirt gives you the idea of cosy evenings in, the pop stickers on it of shells make you think of bright sunny days on the beach. Mixed signals anyone? The material is decent (which isn't always the case with Sugarbox clothing) so again, its a nice piece to add to your cosy evening home wardrobe.

5. Vanilla Wafers

I have the fondest memories of mom rationing out these to me when I was a kid. Yet again, not something that screams travel lust, but still quite a couple of points to the team for bringing back sweet memories from yester-years.

6. Wheel and Anchor Earrings

These just beg to be worn with a flowy dress to a party on a yacht. Blue, beautiful and although mine weren't packed with care so a little bent, these are still quite pretty and can be worn to any beach party you may be planning this December.

7. 'And the Adventure Begins' Passport Cover

Finally, something that fits perfectly with the box's theme. This cover just begs to be used on your next trip. This was hands down, my favourite item from this month's Sugarbox.

So what's the final verdict? Well, honestly, this month's box was a miss for me. I don't think the items in the box really worked with the theme and that's the reason why someone orders the box in the first place. If you're planning to get it cos Travel Lust is your thing, don't! I've had much well rounded boxes before and this isn't one of them.

What do you think of this month's Sugarbox? Tell me in the comments below! 

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