Hint of Hearts


With Valentines day just one day away, obviously I decided to do something pink. Wearing something that says Valentine's without looking like a red and pink mass or cotton candy is hard, especially when Valentines falls on a working day and you need to look polished. That's exactly what this look is about.

White Jumpsuit: Rs. 800, Colaba Causeway
Pink Blazer: Rs. 1200, Vero Moda
Heels: Rs. 1100, New Look
Sunglasses: Rs. 100, Colaba Causeway
Necklace: Rs. 300, Hill Road

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 3500, which is about ₤35

Photo Credits: Neeraj Saxena Photography

I love wearing all white with hints of color. I paired my pink blazer with its adorable heart printed lining with my white jumpsuit (yes, the very same one you saw in the last post) and my heels and we get a simple look that's season of love appropriate, but still professional. I think its smart to look for interesting lining when buying blazer simply because that gives you an added element of surprise, especially in a tropical country where you'll probably end up rolling your sleeves up by the end of the day. If you're working on Valentines day (and you probably are if you're anything like me) then go out, dress up in a muted outfit that's got some love and style!

What are you wearing this valentine's day? Tell me in the comments 

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