3 Ways to Wear An Oversized Tshirt


Wondering if wearing an Oversized T-shirt is a good idea? Well, borrowing from the boys is always a fun thing to do!! I personally love taking a peek at the men's section whenever I'm out shopping and boy does it pay. Sometimes you find little gems like this t-shirt for what a coffee would cost at Starbucks! Scroll through any famous celebrity’s off duty fashion and you’ll see atleast one instance of a baggy oversized t-shirt that’s style to shabby chic perfection. Of course, you need some quick styling tips for all those times when you have maybe your last clean t-shirt left on the weekends, or when you don’t want to wear your own clothes, or maybe you just want to add some freshness to your wardrobe without spending any money. Worry not, I've got you covered. 

I bagged a fabulous t-shirt while shopping for my friend online last month and while it wasn't available in my size, I decided to get an oversized t-shirt and show you guys that borrowing from the boys is always really fun! While I usually wear these to bed, I decided there was nothing wrong in wearing one of these outside with a bit of styling, so here are 3 ways to wear a men's oversized t-shirt to any occasion! Yes, whether your style is feminine or relaxed or sexy, here are three ways to wear the same t-shirt.

The first look is perfect in its simplicity. Get your boy's long t-shirt and pair it with your ankle boots for a comfortable weekend look. Add a denim jacket or a belt around your waist to add a little bit of definition and you're set for a casual day out!

The second look is for all those people who don't think oversized can work for formal outings. Ditch your fitted tops for your boyfriend's t-shirt and pair it with a fitted pencil skirt. Add heels and a structured bag, and you have a casual work look. Or, add a pair of boots like me with a quirky bag for a chic everyday look.

Oversized Tshirt: Rs. 350, Koovs
Black Tights: Rs. 600, Mango
Lace Skirt: Rs. 350, Colaba Causeway
Denim Shirt: Rs. 350, Colaba Causeway
Blue Reflector: Rs. 359, Koovs
Boots: Rs. 1000, Zara from Spoyl
Heels: Rs. 1200, Zara
Movie Clapper Bag: Rs. 1299, Happily Unmarried

Total Cost of All Looks: Rs. 5508 which is around ₤55

The final look is my absolute favorite, wear your oversized t-shirt as a one shoulder top. This look is completely on point with the cold shoulder trend and doesn't need you to do anything other than tuck and fold the sleeve of one side on the inside! Pair with heels, tights, dark lips and a messy bun and you have your date night look sorted in seconds! All without even bothering to rummage in your own closet!!

What do you think folks? I believe that tighter isn't always sexier and you should definitely give oversized/mens shirts a try once!

Have you worn oversized t-shirts before? What's your go-to style? Tell me in the comments! 

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