Three Ways to Wear: Stripes on Stripes


Have you ever bought striped trousers that looks fabulous and were on sale and then suddenly when you had them felt lost and kept searching for ways on how to style them? Then this post is for you. Here, I'm sharing my experience with a pair of absolutely gorgeous white striped trousers with stripes! Yep, simple, effective ways to wear stripes on stripes without looking like a jailbird.

Can I actually go a week without wearing stripes? I highly doubt that. If there was one print, and one print only that I could wear for the rest of my life, my choice would always be stripes. Feeding my stripes loving frenzy, I bought a pair of striped trousers last year during the Koovs #CantGetEnoughSale for somwhere around Rs. 500 (yay, bargain!!) and then once I got them, somehow I ended up having a road block on styling them. And that's the reason why we're here today where I'm sharing not one, but three ways on styling striped trousers... with stripes! Yep, these looks work just as well with other prints too but since stripes are life, I've got three really simple ways for you.

1. Beach BossBabe

There is just something about summers that calls for going to the beach and letting your hair down. The nicest thing about the beach in summer is well, the water. The worst is that for someone like me, you've probably got a hundred meetings after. That's why my beach looks are usually transitional. I decided to style my white striped trousers with a powder pink top that has so many cool details on it that the look instantly feels breezy. I added a pair of loafers, Koovs again (seriously, the company should offer me stock options by now) and a hat and I was ready to go from a breakfast on the beach to a working lunch with ease. This look is for everyone who loves to steal a few moments of peace with nature in the midst of their busy lives. Oh, and lets all take a moment to admire the top which has eyelet lace, stripes, a boxy cut (to hide all our leftover fat from winter for ab-less people like me) and is made of cotton! (Best.Summer.Croptop.Ever)

2. Working Professional

Now I knew the three ways had to feature a work look that was stripes on stripes but still had a very corporate feel to it. This is the perfect look where you can play around with stripes of different thickness. Seriously, if you've got a bunch of different sizes of stripes lying around, get creative and try wearing them together. Here, I paired my striped button down shirt with the white striped trousers. I decided to turn the button down shirt into a surplice top (Psst, I'll be sharing how I did this on TheChiconomicalInsider so go sign up right now to get the deets). I've seen a lot of these surplice tops everywhere and while they retail for around 500-600 in stores at a minimum, its so much easier to turn something you already own into a trend. Oh, and it's actually an off shoulder surplice top created from a button down shirt. Definite win in the trend box checklist!

3. Prudent Party Jumper

This final look is something I was hesitant about. It was a last minute inspiration and I can't believe how much I love it. So I knew I wanted to do a look that had the same size of stripes to create a look that was a little bit like a jumpsuit or a co-ord piece. However, since I can't quite afford to go out and buy new clothes for every shoot (nope, nobody actually finances my clothes although I sometimes wish Koovs did) I had to dig deep and suddenly there was my striped dress from last year. Yes. This top that you see is actually a knee length dress. I decided to unbutton the front and wear it as a top tied around my waist to make the look like a faux tie front jumpsuit. Tie front tops and skirts have been around for a bit of time now and this trend works great for turning simple dresses into interesting new outfits. The final look is more of a jumpsuit and it works great for parties (heck you can actually go to two parties with two completely different looks without ever taking off your dress) and also weekend brunches (which are the best thing about weekend, right?).

That's all folks. Those are three simple looks that have stripes paired with stripes. I know this print mixing is something that is difficult for a lot of people but it's actually not that hard. It's super simple when you know the rules for print mixing and stripes on stripes is a look that every stripes lover much try atleast once.

Will you be trying any of the looks shared? Show us how you've styled yours using #Chiconomical and we'll share the best ones with our readers!

PS: The Chiconomical Insider launches this week. It's a free newsletter packed full of styling tips just like the ones here. Actually, it's got all those steps that don't always make it to the blog! Don't forget to sign up today to get Free Insider Access!

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