How to Elevate Your Everyday Look


Hello My lovely people! I hope you've all had a fabulous long weekend and have been celebrating with your family. I know the grey weather is probably getting you down and you'd much rather go snuggle with a book and a warm cup of coffee than go out, but alas work we all must. So today I'm sharing some quick tips to dress up your everyday style with minimal effort. 

Ombre Dyed Top: Rs. 300, Sugarbox (similar ones available on the streets)
Satin Palazzo Pants: Rs. 500, Koovs
Double Buckle Belt: Rs. 600, Zara (bought from Spoyl)
Nose Ring, Earrings: Rs. 150, Flea Market, Borivali
Heels: Rs. 1000, Zara

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 2550, which is around ₤26

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

The easiest way to elevate your everyday style is accessories. Accessories are a super inexpensive way to upstyle any boring outfit. For this look, I decided to add a bit of ethnic twist by wearing a nose ring. This nose ring is super comfortable and add an element of interest to your entire look. 

Belts! Honestly, I can't stress enough when it comes to this accessory. If you aren't a jewelry person, then belts are the thing. A belt can add interest to a look and it can make you look slimmer too! Plus, its super functional too. If you don't own a belt (or a dozen) yet, then go out and find what makes you smile today! 

 Outfit details. This look is a lot more interesting because there are a few details in terms of the fabric. The satin trousers add a bit of glam to what would be an otherwise regular outfit. Add to that the dramatic bell sleeves and ombre dye of the top and you have another interesting dimension that doesn't require anything more than simply wearing the clothes. 

That's it folks! These are my three simple tips for elevating a regular look by simply making a few changes to your shopping habits. I hope these tips help you dress better everyday and also add a bit of quirk to your normal look. Incase you decide to use any of these tips, then don't forget to share your looks using #Chiconomical and tag me in the posts! 

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