3 Ways to Wear : A Slip Dress Out of Bed and Still Look Put Together


Hello Ladies! Since we just celebrated Women's day last week, my mind's been on a lot of things that have to do with the way women's clothing had evolved over time. One piece that I think at times gets stuck in a mould is the slip dress. Or rather, a sexy slip dress that you probably spent a bomb on for date night and then relegated to a back of the closet status. It's that piece of lingerie that only comes out when you're either feeling like pampering yourself (if you're single and just like to wear pretty things on special occasions to bed like me) or you're trying to have a fun night with you're respective other half. And since these don't come cheap, it's a good idea to pull them from the back of your closet and wear them during the day. Yes! You can wear a slip dress during the day and get away with it! Read on to know how!!

1. The Sexy Working Girl

Now the trick to wearing a slip dress outside of bed is to layer it. Right off the bat, I wanted to share with you an outfit that you can wear to work. I mean, come on! If you're able to wear something to we can bet you'll be able to rock to at any other place! Correct?

For this look, I paired my slip dress with a grey skirt that had a bit of lace trim at the bottom. This skirt has been worn so many times to work, its started unravelling at the seams but I still wear it with a little bit of mending at times. Honestly ladies, if you find a piece you love, don't be afraid to repeat it! So anyway, since the slip dress has a rather deep neckline, I decided to add a blazer to complete the look. If you're still feeling conscious about the neckline you can add a scarf in a print that complements it's color. End result, you use the slip dress as a simple strappy top that works beautifully for the office.

2. The 9 to 5 Girl

Are you a girl who likes to power dress? This look is yet another look that can be worn to so many things. A weekend brunch, a power lunch, you just need to switch up the accessories and you're ready to rock! For this outfit, I wanted to bring the slip dress out of the shadows and create a look where it's actually front and centre.


Oh, and can I let you in on a secret? I totally forgot to get a Grey Tshirt to shoot this look and so I borrowed one from my friend and eventhough it's oversized, its all thanks to the statement slip dress that's layered on that you get a bit of feminine touch.

3. The Girl Next Door

Finally, this look is for girls who have a slight boho girl next door vibe. If you're like me you love to push the limits of your normal outfits. Here, I decided to wear the slip as a dress and to cancel out the possible skin show, I added a lacey jumper and tights. A beanie to hide my greasy hair and I'm ready for a fun day out on cooler evenings. Alternatively, if your slip dress is longer than mine, then you could wear it as a skirt and layer it with a fitted shirt. 

And that's it folks! I really hope this post has helped you learn a few ways to get even more from your wardrobe. I'd love it if you could tell me how it helped you in the comments below! And if you still need more style help, you can join me on Instagram for a weekly live style session that starts next week!! 

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