The Perfect Beach Outfit for Mumbai


The beaches in India are a curious thing. Possibly the only beaches in the world where you're wearing full clothes even if you're planning to take a swim in the sea (with the exception of the ones in Goa or private beaches where there aren't any gawking strangers). But this shouldn't stop you from going to the beach when you're in Mumbai. Trust me, it's an experience that you simply must have! Having lived in Mumbai all my life, I can vouch that the beaches here can be fun and will give you a warm feeling if you just know how to enjoy it. In fact, I've also put around a fun list of things you definitely need to take with you to have that perfect Mumbai Beach day! (More on that at the end of the post).

What to Wear

So while shorts are always a good choice for beaches, I wanted to take a moment to talk about another piece that's perfect for the beach. In fact, if you're planning to go to a famous public beach like Juhu or Chowpatty, I'd actually advise against shorts unless you're super oblivious to people's stares because yes, I've been there and after a point you either cave in and run away or brave it and push them to the back of your mind. So instead, why not opt for a beautiful maxi dress. You're spoilt for choice when it comes to these especially on the mumbai streets. The one I'm wearing is from global desi, bought on the street for a bargain. If you're more the maxi skirt kind and would like to be covered but sexy, I'd also suggest wearing an outfit similar to this one. A skirt with a side slit is honestly a personal preference for me.

Now, wearing a pretty outfit is just not enough. You must take along a pretty bag and an equally gorgeous hat or scarf because let's face it, the sun's not going to be kind unless you go extremely early in the morning or near sunset. You can take your sunnies but I recommend taking a hat aswell.

Oh, another quick tip, try keeping your accessories limited to a few key pieces. While at the beach you wouldn't believe all the places sand creeps into so less is always more.

What to Take

Next, let's talk about all the things that should be in the said pretty bag of yours in order to have a killer beach day.

  • Water: Trust me, the first thing that should go in your bag whenever you travel is a bottle of water. And the beach is a place where the saying 'water water everywhere but not a drop to drink' rings true like no other place. While you'll find lots of places selling water on the beach it's not fun to walk all the way to the seller when you're in a comfy spot right? Trust me and carry a bottle, you'll thank me for it!
  • Sunscreen : No brainer but I can't count the times I thought it was o.k. to skip it and came back home with peeling skin (yes, not pretty I know). While Mumbai sun's not extremely harsh on the skin, it does turn it into a rather scary shade of red and if you have sensitive skin then it's going to be tan lines and sunburns all the way. So even if you don't follow any other advice in this post, as the Baz Luhrmann song goes, Always Carry Sunscreen. 
  • Towels : This is something I always forget and that's why it's made the list. No matter, that's why I've got it on my list so that you can learn from my mistakes and not forget it! 
  • Beach Blanket : The best thing to do on a summer morning is to head to the beach and have a quiet morning listening to the waves and step one to being cosy is to carry a beach blanket. While at crowded beaches you'll probably have someone renting these, you'd do better to carry your own. (Plus it makes for prettier pictures too!)
  • Books : Well, this comes up on all my lists if I'm being honest. While its fun to go instagram every second while you're on the beach (yes, we all love those pretty sunset shots) it's actually a much nicer feeling to spend sometime reading, atleast for me. If you're more of a sports person, why not spend some time throwing a ball or frisbee around? Either way, pack with intention as to what you'll be doing at the beach. 
What to Do

Finally, you're at the beach, you're prepared and your super happy. While this part is something I'm sure you don't need any help with I thought I'd just list out all the things you can possibly do, whether you're in a group or on your own.

  • Eat delicious food : If there's one thing that Mumbai beaches have no lack of, its delicious food. There's everything from pani puris to corn to chaat! Take your pick. And in case you're someone who's finicky about street food, there's always corn on the cob. 
  • Drink Coconut Water : Okay, I think I can't ever go to the beach and not have nariyal paani (that's coconut water in Hindi folks). I absolutely love it and its my must do on the beach. 
  • Read : Yes, this is another thing I feel people often neglect. Take a book if you're spending some alone time and read a book. 
  • Play a Sport : If you're not a loner and hit the beach in a group, why not play some games. The beach is an interesting field for cricket or even volleyball. 
  • Build a sand castle : The mandatory thing to do at a beach. Build a castle or even just pile sand on piled high, trust me, it's good to be a child at times. 
  • Take a Walk : Walks on the beach, as cliche as they sound, there's just something about listening to the waves and walking with friends and family is for me, the best thing in the world.
  • Listen to the waves and watch the sunset : Finally, a no brainer but my absolute favorite thing to do, just listen to the waves and contemplate life!
That's it folks! Here's hoping you have a lovely time at the beach!

Just looked at the pictures and skipped to the end ? No shame, I do it too.

In case you skipped to the end or you just need some help with having the perfect beach day in India? Just download my personal guide to the beach with a handy checklist of things that'll have you out of the house and on the beach in minutes!

Outfit Details : 
Maxi Dress : Rs. 600, Colaba Causeway
Slippers : Rs. 100, Borivali Street (outside station)
Scarf : Rs. 550, QuirkBox
Hat : Rs. 650, Shein
Bag : Rs. 1499, PipaBella
Necklace : Books and Beyond

Total outfit Cost: Rs. 3649, which is around ₤37

Concept | Outfit | Curation : Quirky Engineer
Photography : Shruti Phulgikar

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