Navratri Style : Sky Blue


We're almost at the end of Navratri guys. Can you believe it? I thoroughly enjoyed creating these styled looks on a budget because Navratri can get expensive really quickly if we're not careful. But we've still go two more days and let's create some more interesting looks for the day. For today, the colour is sky blue and I for some reason do not own any pieces in this shade. However, when you think about it we all probably own atleast one piece in this colour. Yes, you got that right, those faded denims at the back of your closet. And that's exactly what I chose to style today's looks. This gorgeous sky blue paperbag waist denim palazzo that hasn't featured nearly enough but definitely needs its time in the limelight!

Look 1

For this first look, I decided to keep things fairly simple. I paired my denim paperbag waist palazzo pants with a classic white tshirt and then added a printed jacket to add a bit of boho to the look. 

Personally, I think you can pull this off with any jacket you own, as long as it is in a light colour. You could take a regular faded denim jacket and style it with printed patches as well. 

I added a few accessories to keep the 'Navratri' spirit. These are pieces you've seen before. One of the things you should remember is that you CAN reuse the same accessories in different looks. 

It's acceptable and can elevate any regular look!

 Look 2

For this look, I decided to create a denim on denim outfit. This bralette is something I've had in my closet for a couple of years now and honestly, I just wanted to wear it again. 

I added a statement nose ring to the look and a pair of simple jhumkas. Since I've only just got myself a packet of multi colours bindis, of course I added one to the look.

The second thing I did was swap out the fabric belt for my silver one. I think it adds a bit more interest to the look.

Honestly, this look is nothing extraordinary but more of a minimal navratri look. 

100% dance friendly and will certainly not let you feel any discomfort, this is a look for those hardcore dandiya queens out there who still like to look amazing and be comfortable at the same time!

Look 3

 For this final look, I decided to bring out the big guns! Yet another look that made me want to dance with joy this top is actually an oversized poncho.

I think we all have atleast one oversized poncho in our closets (and if you don't, girl, you're actually really lucky). 

Well, this piece is a second hand buy and while it's for that beach holiday that I still havent' been on, I love this pattern on it. It's actually the back but I wanted it on the front so all I did is pin it front, tuck it into my palazzos and that's it! We've got a top that's chic, with a glorious deep vneck at the back and looks super festive.

Of course since the neck was so high, I added a pair of statement earrings and put my hair up in a messy bun and kept the look fairly simple.

Outfit Details

Paperbag waist denim palazzos: Rs. 999, Naomi Code 

Denim Bralette: Rs. 200, Hill Road, Bandra

White Tshirt: Rs. 200, Koovs

Printed Jacket: Rs. 1000, Vajor Sunday sale

Printed Poncho: Rs. 499, Spoyl

All accessories except from the nosering and hand cuff: Janpath Online

Hand cuff: Rs. 200, Mumbai locals

Nose Ring: Gift from cousin, I think it's around Rs. 150 from a local sale

And that's all folks! I really am sorry for a fairly short post. I've been a bit unwell and almost didn't manage to post this on time. However, I do hope you find some inspiration in these looks. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on these in the comments below!

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