3 Navratri Indo-Western Oufits - Royal Blue


Day 1! Every single year I get over excited when it comes to Navratri Dressing. While I don't always enjoy the dancing bit (and my sister will attest to that fact loud and clear), I do enjoy the outfits. Last year, we did a 9 day long crazy series where I styled three outfits for the colours for each day and of course, after the massive response I got to those posts, I decided we'd do it again this year! There's going to be a lot of pieces that we'll reuse by style differently so you've got more looks to choose from! I'd love for you to swing by my posts from last year and check them out here.

Well, time to dive right in to today's colour. We're starting Navratri styling with a bang with one of my all time favourite colours, Royal Blue! Now, this is a super bold colour and while I have accent pieces in it, I only have one complete mad piece that is my royal blue jumpsuit! It's never really made an appearance on the blog before so I'm super excited to share it with you. While this particular piece is sold out, there's a few lovely ones you can still get your hands on like this one that's only Rs. 525 or this one that's got some dainty straps!

1. The Minimalist Maven

So you've actually gone to the Navratri event after spending a few hundred hours slaving in the office and obviously have your work bag that has no space after you've added that laptop, notebook, five packed 'healthy' meals (cos we all know we spend all our time in the office), that old guitar pic (how is that even there is a complete mystery) and that last minute makeup for when you've not had the time to put it on (erm...everyday). Well, this is a look that is minimal and can be created by literally carrying the pieces you need in a corner of your handbag. Honestly, I love a minimal look and while navratri outfits can be all about being over the top, there's something quite lovely about just a minimalist, clean look.

2. The Boho Balika

Well I know twirling is a major part of Navratri. There's just something magical about an outfit that can twirl. Well, why not give the regular loud skirts a fresh twist and wear them as a long top instead? I actually used an aline kurta and wore it one shoulder on top of my jumpsuit. The trick is to either add a belt so that it helps avoid any inadvertent peep shows while you dance or just layer it on top of a piece such as a jumpsuit the way I did. Either way, don't forget to twirl and show the pretty flare (even if I haven't quite managed to master the twirl on self timer shot yet).

3. The Mashup Queen

Well, this is honestly the look I'd have when I want to stand out, be over the top and still look bohemian AF! Navratri for me is all about fusing traditional and modern aesthetics and is a festival that holds a special place in my heart. For this look, I decided to wear a simple cotton saree as a half saree on top of my jumpsuit. Then, to keep everything secure and give me freedom to do pretty much anything while still wearing a saree (that I usually am super nervous about) I added a belt to keep all the pleats in place. A few accent pieces and a messy updo and you're ready with a fusion outfit that is unique but practical too!

And that's it for today folks. In case you're interested, I'd highly recommend checking out my other Navratri posts. There's over a dozen outfits in a wide variety of styles that can help you figure out fresh way to style your existing pieces. We shall meet again tomorrow! So stay tuned!

Don't forget to swing by the Instagram feed since I do have several more style ideas that I'll be posting there daily through the entire festive season!

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