Monsoon Drinks: A Review of


Tea. Till around a year ago I guffawed at the thought of drinking tea. However, as life always seems to teach us, never say never. As you guys know, I spend a few months in Kolkata and believe me, its near impossible to avoid drinking tea when you're there. Cut to present day, the skies have opened up and all I can think of is curling with a good book and a hot drink. I'm more of a detox/green tea drinker than a full cream tea drinker like most Indians so of course I'm always on a hunt for new places to stoke my boiling tea. It's on one of these searches that I came across Tearaja.

Tearaja is a brand curated by a 21 year old company “Jain Tea Co.” situated at Lalbazar, Kolkata, the biggest Tea market of Kolkata & India. With all this rich experience in their bag, they've launched Tearaja that boasts some amazing new flavours as well as the regulars in tea. So why venture into the digital world you ask? Well, with changing times, they wanted to reach a broader audience that simply wasn't possible with a brick and mortar store and hence, the site was born. 

The lovely team at Tearaja, sent me some of their curated tea samples and boy, it was a lovely mix! Bearing in mind the green tea love, they sent samples of detox green tea, lavender green tea, and coconut infused green tea!? Well, I've gotta say I'd never would have imagined coconut with my tea, so full points for out of the box thinking! I tried the lemon zest tea and it was rather refreshing although I have a feeling it would taste a lot better as an iced tea than a hot one. The coconut one is next on my list and I'm super excited. 

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

Coming back to the site, Tearaja offers almost all types of teas you can imagine. Their prices start from as low as Rs. 79 which means that you can enjoy a wide variety of teas without buring a hole in your pocket. They have different grades of tea too such as leaf, fine, mogra, etc so there's something for every tea connoisseur. I'm just an amateur when it comes to tea and most of my tea wisdom comes from conversations around the kullad during our chai breaks in Kolkata. However, I'm pretty sure tearaja has all those teas that the tea pundits boasted about during my trip and then some. Do check it out! 

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