Vampire for a Weekend


Last weekend I took some time off to meet an old friend. We hadn't seen each other for months so obviously, we spend a lot of time walking and talking. Of course I stuffed my face with anything and everything in sight, including half of his sandwich, but then I always do that when I've spend half a day pouring over a particularly vexing problem.

While I was dressed in my Saturday best, which is bascially something that doesn't need any effort at all, I was extremely awkward when he offered to take my pictures for the blog. I think I loved him when he offered. Barely any friend ever offers to do this because I'm very awkward, weird, mental demanding. Right. So the outfit isn't much, there's lots of selfies and barely any makeup. But its the weekend, and that's how we roll!

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We gotta take selfies! 

Random thoughts...

Where we walked....

Did you just add your finger to the picture?!
Then we pose! 

Make mid meal faces at the camera. 
Pre donut face.

Oh I was screaming that I wanted to stuff my face at this point!!
Black Shirt: Rs. 300, Linking Road, Bandra
Black Pleated Skirt: Sister's, Custom made
Sandal: Rs. 250, Borivali
Glasses: Gift from brother, Lenskart
Watch: Gift from brother

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 550, which is £ 5.5. 

I usually never get time to hang out with my friends, so this was an awesome evening! I loved every bit of it. I know this isn't the usual outfit post, but I just couldn't not share this outfit, even if I'm awkward in almost all of these pictures! Also, how awesome is Krispy Kreme? I loved the Chilli Chocolate which warms you right up! Hope you guys have been having a good week! 

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PS: The title of this post is cos my friend said I looked like a vampire by the end of the evening with my dark clothes and the not so flattering light all around! 

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