Where to Find the Perfect New Year's Dress In Mumbai - Street Shopping


Its two days to new year and everything and everywhere I see is glitters and jitters!! Sequins in a hundred different colors adorn the shops in malls and I just can't seem to justify spending thousands on a dress that will probably be too OTT for work and won't really be off the hanger for things that qualify as casual dinners. Hence the jitters cos you really do wanna find the perfect dress! Don't wanna break the bank like me? Well, here are three places in Mumbai where you can find sparkly and sexy dresses minus the pricetag!

1. Stall No. 66 - Fashion Street
This is THE place if you want to find bling! His clothes are priced anywhere between 400 to 1200 and you will find sparkly, sequined, seriously kickass dresses if you are willing to look hard enough! My sister and I have, at one point in our lives, spent about 6K shopping in this stall alone. You'll even score full length gowns if you're lucky!!

Here'a look at a couple of outfits I've bought from this shop over the years.

This little beaded number that was bought by me and my sister!!

This is actually a tube dress which I styled for lasty year's winter party! 

2. Shop Next to Mcdonalds - Colaba Causeway
While this isn't exactly a street stall, it has some serious gems! However, it is not for the faint-hearted. You will have to go through literally millions of clothes before you find something you like cos it is a shop bursting with clothes! Fret not, as help is nearby in the form of assistants who are always eager to find you that perfect size in the dress you've short listed!

This lovely day dress was a buy form this shop! Kudos to the assistant for finding me the perfect size!

3. Fendi's on Hill Road and Boutiques on Waterfield Road - Bandra
Finally, if you haven't managed to score anything interesting on the streets, its time to hit the shops that are tucked away in the sleepy lanes of Bandra. While they will probably have outfits in the higher hundreds range, I'm sure its still gotta be less expensive and more unique than buying off the racks in the mall! They even have changing rooms so that you can test the perfect fit!

So those are the places you should be hitting if you want to shine this New Year, and have a few bucks left for those extra drinks too! What are your favourite shopping haunts?? Have I missed them? Tell me in the comments below!! I'd love to find these new places!

PS: Stay tuned for my next outfit post!! 

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