Friday Workwear


Fridays! Working on Fridays is always a mixed feeling isn't it? If you work in an office like mine, its probably the one day you can wear smart casuals to work, or if you work in a casual office already, its possibly the last working day of the week! Yes weekend is at your door! But what I have seen is a lot of struggle when it comes to office chic Friday dressing. Usually, as it is the only day you're allowed to wear jeans, everyone is in just another uniform or denims. I decided it was time to showcase an outfit that shows my personal preference when it comes to Friday Dressing.

Chambray Shirt: Rs. 150, Colaba Causeway
Golden Knit Jumper: Rs. 100, Borivali
Shorts: Rs. 500, FashionatClick
Lace Tan Shoes: Rs. 600, Forever21
Earcuffs: Rs. 100, Surat
Bag: Gift from Aunt

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1450, which is around ₤14. 

Now I know what you're probably thinking. wearing shorts to office? Yes, I agree if you're in a corporate then it wont work. But I think this outfit would work just as well if you replace the shorts with full length trousers. I think its a great idea to wear bright colors to work when possible. Colors are a great way to show your personality and express your individuality. Secondly, I layered the shirt as some workplaces get chilly and this is a chic way to battle the central cooling without looking frumpy. 

Oh, and can we just take a moment to admire the gorgeousness that is these ear cuffs? 

Ear cuffs are going to be big this season, and these were a total street steal, thanks to my sister. There are some really affordable designs available online. If there's one accessory you should get to update your wardrobe, its this one. It goes with Indian, Western and anything in between! Get it now!

Have you got any tips for Friday Dressing? Tell me in the comments below!! 

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