4 Diwali Outfits for the Girl Who Doesn't Like Traditional Outfits


Light up the lamps! Diwali is just round the corner and that means lots of food, fashion and lights everywhere. You've probably noticed the mad rush in every shop around town (think an over crowded train during peak hours, but in a store). Personally, I spent some time trying to shop for an outfit and then a day trying to stuff everything I own into my closet without creating a mess (hasn't really worked out that well honestly).

Anyway, my closet woes aside, since we're just a few hours from Diwali, I figured it was time I put up a post for all those girls who don't like traditional outfits, or like me, haven't gotten around to buying a diwali outfit (thanks life for keeping me extra busy). Well, usually, every girl has atleast a couple of Indian outfits hidden somewhere, most of them bought with a mom who guilts you into buying them for a wedding or a related traditional family occasion.

Personally, I have a few hundred punjabi dresses bought for different weddings and a few lehengas for those wedding where I can't cheat with a simple salwar kameez. Another thing I can't digest is that many outfits don't reflect my personal style. So I decided, this diwali I decided to do #TraditonMyWay and thought why not simply shop in my closet and come up with a few ideas that work for the contemporary, modern, hard working girl who doesn't like taking the conventional road. (Or you're just too lazy to go shop, that's absolutely fine too you know).

Either way, I know everyone wants to go out and say, I did #TraditionMyWay. So here are my ideas for mixing things to make your Diwali style your own. Oh, and incase you want to get a similar look, I have links for similar items online at Jabong (since most of my pieces are vintage)!

1. The Kurti/Maxi/Skirt Lover
Long shirt dresses in Indian prints make diwali happier. If you love you're kurtis but want to give them a quick referesh, or if you're a maxi skirt lover (like me) but don't want to go the lehenga way, you can pair them up. I wore a shirt dress in a kitschy print with a silk maxi skirt (part of my old lehenga) to get a quirky new look for Diwali.

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Buy The Look: Skirt/Top/Boots/Earrings

Pair the outfit with boots to give it a little extra edge. You can even swap the Indian handbag with a office bag (thinks structured totes or satchel bags) to give it a quick indo-western twist.

2. The Classic Dress Lover
So you love wearing your typical western dresses and pencil skirts and wouldn't think of covering you're gorgeous legs with a salwar or leggings or bottoms for Diwali? Well, just a few accessories and a kitschy cropped Jacket with embroidery/beaded motifs and you're all set for diwali. Add a bindi for extra quirk factor.

Skip the traditional jhumkhas and heavy earring and wear a dreamcatcher or a ear cuff. 

3. The Blazer Lover
Yes, you're a powerhouse and strong businesswoman. You wouldn't dream of taking the day off on Diwali and will probably wear your blazer to a meeting even on the holiday. Or, maybe blazers are your thing and trademark style. Well, add a little softness to the strong look by replacing you're pencil skirt with a long, flowy maxi skirt.

Buy the Look: Skirt/Blazer/Boots/Earrings

Skip the choli and wear a blazer instead to give an old lehenga a modern edge. The look works great for those Diwali parties where you want to look strong yet feminine.  

4. The Jeans Lover
This is probably every girl I know. Well, while you always have the Indian kurti route, pair a traditional choli or croptop with your jeans. You can even add a leather biker jacket (which I wanted too, but frankly mumbai is too hot for any leather use) to make the look more edgy. A interesting back always makes for a better outfit.

Buy The Look: Crop Top, Jeans, Earrings, Shoes

You can even wear a pair of palazzo pants or culottes for a more relaxed look.

My Tips for putting together a Quick Last Minute Diwali Outfit:

  • Mix and match a traditional outfit set to get a new look. You don't always have to wear all the pieces of a Indian outfit together. Pair that old dupatta from your lehenga with a simple kurti to give it added sparkle. 
  • If you think you're outfit is too boring, look for addon pieces with interesting embroidery/motifs. 
  • A simple outfit with an interesting back can still dazzle people. When buying Indian separates, look for pieces with that one element that makes them unique. Then dress to highlight that element.
  • If you think you don't want to invest in a new outfit, just pile on the accessories. They're cheaper and the right pairing can give your old tshirt and jeans a whole new look (Think oxidised jewellery, vintage neckpieces and stacks of bangles)
  • Want a traditional outfit without buying a whole piece? Wear your classic LBD/LWD with a pair of contrast leggings and a printed dupatta to get a whole new punjabi dress! Yep, its that simple. 
  • Don't be afraid to mix western pieces with Indian ones. Just make sure you're wearing something that's comfortable and goes with your personal style. 
  • Finally, don't forget, Diwali is a time to share joy and happiness! You're outfit should be an extension of that! Forget the rules, wear something that sparks joy! 
Happy Diwali to all my lovely readers! 
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