November Fab Bag Review: My First Ever Fab Bag


Fab Bag. Haven't heard about it? Well, you probably don't read many beauty blogs because over the last few months, Fab Bag reviews have become almost a religion. A Fab Bag is essentially a bag (well, its more like a pouch really), filled with full sized and sample sized luxury beauty products that you can try out for a fraction of the cost. Oh, and they're supposedly handpicked for each individual subscription. Sounds good right? Personally, I was never very fascinated with the descriptions of the bags till this month. Turns out, judging a bag by its description is a big mistake!

This month's Fab Bag has a theme of "Up Your Game". Well, you'd think it would have things that can help you improve your beauty regime right (Something that I really do need help with!). Wrong!!! This month's bag is essentially disconnected with what the theme suggests. The contents were random at best and the one (yes, for a beauty bag, I only got one makeup product) concealer I got, wasn't even my skintone. So much for "customised"!

Well, onto what all I received after a rather poor experience with their Customer Care (more on that later):

Lollipops Paris Matte Concealer - Ginger: Rs. 800

The most expensive and most disappointing item for me, this concealer is the wrong shade for me and has almost an orange undertone. The applicator gets stuck everytime I try to remove it which just becomes very frustrating. I shall try and use it soon, but overall I don't have much hope of using this in the future.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water: Rs. 250

I read that this month, you could choose your full size skincare product. Well, first of all, I wasn't ever asked for a choice and second of all, this wasn't communicated to me at all. However, this bottle is going to come in quite handy for those long days that just call for a little rose water sprayed over my eyes (read ever alternate day these days).

Ayorma Fairness & Cell Renew Night Cream: Rs. 195

I don't have much of a skincare routine (I can just hear the gasps right now) so this little tub is a nudge to start a nightly routine. I like that its natural but I still have no verdict on the results. I shall write my views once I've used it for a week or so.

Seasoul Dead Sea Minerals & Botanicals Massage Candle: Rs. 300

By far the most interesting thing in this month's bag. A massage candle...Erm, confused? Yep. So here's what it is. Basically, its a candle that you light and enjoy aroma associated with those spas we all love...and once the candle melts, you use the oil for a massage for the full spa experience. I like how its almost a whole spa in a tiny glass. I haven't lit it yet, but it smells great (yes, I smelled the box multiple times, just trying to make the most of the scent lingering there cos you know, that's the way the cool kids do it).

What the November Fab Bag Costs: Rs. 1545
What I paid For The November Fab Bag: Rs. 533

Overall, I have mixed feelings for this bag. I like the massage candle and the night cream, but the other products seem to be quite useless for me and I'd have liked them to be a little more customised. Seeing as I was troubled quite a bit by the completely unhelpful customer care when I tried to switch my orders to start from next month, you'd think they'd atleast check my skintone before chucking a concealor into my bag. However, I will be completing my order which means I will receive a bag for December and January. I guess we shall see if they can redeem themselves. 

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Ordered One before? What was your experience? Tell me in the comments! 

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