Nature's Co BeautyWish Box: January 2016


It seems that I've developed a new found fetish for beauty boxes. In my search to find a box for every kind of girl out there, I stumbled upon the Nature's Co Beauty Box which frankly what one of the most exiting things ever! Why you ask? Well, it s an all organic, all vegan beauty box!!

I actually got the first one in January but sadly I never got around to doing a review for it. (Bad blogger Quirky!) Well, fret not cos I'm here now with the 411 on the January box. The January box was actually a bag, a really spacious and very re-usable pouch/bag. Here's a look at all the things I got in my January Nature's Co Box themed "After Party"

1. Marigold Hair Cleanser and Conditioner
After all the stressful partying and styling, this conditioner claims to rejuvenate your tresses. It's supposed to be full of anti-oxidant and hair strengthening properties. I haven't yet gotten around to using it but the travel friendly sizes are sure handy and I can imagine taking them with me for a weekend away.

2. Deep Tissue Relaxing Massage Balm:
This newy launched balm was a life saver and I've been using it on and off ever since I received it. It is a cream and isn't very sticky which is something I like in my massage balms since I usually apply them at night and don't like my tshirt sticking to me when I sleep. It does work to reduce the pain and a little goes a long way. One of those things that is definitely on my list to buy.

3. Irish Moss Body Butter:
Body butter is something I've received a lot this month. This one is a pale green color and smells foresty. Its whipped body butter and as soon as you open it you can feel the lightness. I think its going to come in handy once the heat of summer settles in. Not completely non-sticky but still better than a typical moisturiser.

4. Vanilla Lip Butter:
Ok, this little sample size product actually goes a long way. It smells like warm butter cookies and I've been carrying it around everywhere forgoing my usual lip balms simply because this smells so delicious! It does need to be re-applied every few hours though, but when it smells like home, who cares right?

5. Eucalyptus Eye Pillow:
An eye pillow? I honestly had never heard of this before and this is pretty much my favorite item in the bag. I've used it on numerous occasions and the eucalyptus does help to control your breathing. I am absolutely in love with this. If there's one thing you need after a stressful day in front of a computer, its an eye pillow!

Sot that's my January Nature's Co Beauty Wish box. I'll be doing a post on my February box very soon! Book your box here

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