Women's Day Pinks and Reds


Happy Women's Day to all the ladies out there!! Its the day when the world acknowledges and celebrates everything that you do for it.

Yep, all those hours that mom spent silently supporting you, those long nights when sister stayed up with you during your exams, those nights when you got home late and your wife heated the dinner to make sure you had a hot meal....all the variations of these things, while you should appreciate it everyday, if you don't, boys! today's your chance. Go tell all those lovely ladies in your life how important they are.

Striped Tshirt: Rs. 150, Hill Road, Bandra
Pink Trousers: Rs. 1500, Allen Solly
Red Blazer: Rs. 1200, Forever 21 (during the sales)
Heels: Rs. 1100, New Look
Bag: Rs. 500, Cupcakes and Closet
Sunglasses: Rs. 200, Colaba Causeway

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 3550 which is around 35.50.

Photo Credits: Kinjal Sen

Today's outfit is all about those colors of love that are associated with women in pop culture. Strong, independant and business like and yet inherently soft. A woman is all those things and that's exactly what I want to show in this outfit. I love this outfit and I'm afraid its my last outfit post from the lovely city of joy. I've shifted back to my very own city, (yep, hello traffic and madness) rather unexpectedly and this post is the last one, till I see Kolkata again! But for now, I leave you with this look and a lot of love.

Ladies, celebrate today and gentleman, celebrate and appreciate the women in your life!

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