Review: March 2016 Fab Bag - More Power To You


Yep, I signed up for a a few more months of Fab Bag goodness. I did face huge issues with the February fab bag (which I still haven't received)  but I got the March 2016 bag pretty early. However, more on that later...lets talk about this month's Fab Bag.

The theme for this month was more power to you, however I wish it packed a bigger punch. It seems every month, fab bag decides there's one makeup brand/product that will be the star and most of the other products tend to be added as fillers that don't actually do much for me personally.

Here's a look at the products I received:

1. Divo Eyelash Curler: Rs. 125

So everytime I look at an eyelash curler I have an instant flashback to one of the scenes from The Devil Wear Prada and honestly, I'm the girl who didn't even know what these were till a couple of years ago. I've never owned one so this is a welcome addition to my beauty stash. Now if only I could gather up the courage to use it without fear of plucking all my eyelashes out or poking my eye out!

2. Wella Professionals - Elements Renewing Mask (Rs. 215 for 30 ml) & Elements Renewing Shampoo (Rs. 117 for 30 ml)

I've recently seen lots of reviews from bloggers who when to the launch of this new Wella range and have heard rave reviews about it. These deluxe sized samples should be enough to give me an idea about it. Looking forward to using them and figuring out what the deal is.

3. Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask: Rs. 400 for 25 gm

So I don't like receiving two similar items in the same bag but since this is green tea, I can make an exception. I'm a fan of neem and green tea so I just hope this mask has all the goodness of the real thing! Plus, its handmade in India which is a big win for supporting local brands....and did I mention its organic?

4. SUGAR cosmetics It's A-Pout-Time! Vivid Lipstick - Coraline in the City: Rs. 599

Finally, the star of the bag, the SUGAR Cosmetics's much hyped new lipstick. I got coraline in the city which is a coral shade that's surprisingly long lasting (lasted all day through office, although I may have skipped lunch that day so can't vouch for post lunch staying power). It's not very bright as coral shades go which is a good thing in my book. Stay tuned for a full review that's coming up very soon!

What the March Fab Bag Costs: Rs. 1456
What I paid For The March Fab Bag: Rs. 533
(PS: I calcuated the price of my samples from the full prices mentioned)

All in all, this is an average mix of things. I like the lipstick and the face mask, however I wish they hadn't given two masks in the same bag. If you really want to get your hands on the lipstick, this is a good bargain as everything else is an added bonus.

What did you think of the March Fab Bag? Tell me in the comments! 

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