Top Summer Trends You Can Wear In Monsoons


Summers in Mumbai last a couple of months only to be replaced by dreamy rainy days. However, while the monsoons can sound really romantic the fact is, they can play havoc with your wardrobe choices. I know lots of people who don't want to skimp out on fashion but still need to take the bus to work everyday. Yes, it would be a beautiful life if we could all afford to travel in chauffeured cars, realities of life mean most of us rush to take the train and get drenched on the way to work. Yes, the "something a cat dragged in" look is something that's just 10 times worse if you're wearing those baggy shirts and soggy trousers. So instead, I decided to come up with a half decent look that incorporates all those summer trends you wanna try without making you give up on comfort.

Off Shoulder Top: Rs. 599, Sugarbox
Dungaree Dress: Rs. 699, Once Again Store
Crocs: Gift from a friend
Necklace: Rs. 200, Archies

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1498, which is around ₤15.

Photo Credits: Sirshendu Arosh

This outfit incorporates all my favorite summer trends. Cold shoulder top, check. Stripes, check. Lace, check. Frills, check. Boho cool, check. Denim dungarees, check.. Seriously, that's a whole lot of checks in one look!! I like the comfort that a short denim jumpsuit provides and the cool chic of an off shoulder top. This top from Sugarbox has inspired a long list of "how-tos" in my head and this is one of my favorites. The length is perfect for casual Fridays and keeps you from having to deal with soggy trousers. The little umbrella with the funky doodles hasn't left my side since I got it, and I have to say, its such a cool conversation starter. Think this look wont work for rains? Well, let me tell you that it was pouring when I started shooting for this look and sunny by the time we were done. Trust me, it works in both situations!

Don't let the rains rain on your fashion parade! Go get yourself some versatile trendy pieces that can be worn through the monsoons.

Have you tried out any summer trends in the Monsoons? Tell me in the comments below! 

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