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As I grow up and spend more time taking on adult-like responsibilities, I realised that I haven't really ever grown up. Sure, I can be responsible but its often heard misconception that growing up and being responsible go hand in hand. I never learnt to swap out my flowers for tiaras. I never learnt to make a formal hairstyle out of the mess that my hair always is. I never learnt that wearing red was a taboo when you were a working professional in the corporate world. I never learnt that letting your inner diva out is frowned upon when you're stuck in the world of stuffy suits with stuffier outlooks to life. I never learn't much...

Blue Crop top: Rs. 100, Forever21, Linking Road, Bandra
Blue Palazzo Pants: Rs. 250, Colaba Causeway
Kimono Jacket: Rs.1250**  Sugarbox 
Fringe Tassles Bag: Rs.1450** , Sugarbox 
Braid Flats: Rs. 500, Forever21
Headband: Rs. 125**, Sugarbox
Sunglasses: Rs. 150, Forever21
Necklace: c/o RutuzCraftStudio
Rings: Rs.250 (set of six) Forever21
** note that all these were less than half the price mentioned as I received them in the subscription box

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 2455, which is around ₤25

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

I did however, learn to play in the puddles on the street wearing my bright rain boots. I learnt to wear my Star Wars dress to work with a blazer because blazers make everything look professional. I learnt that being a geek was always me but then I didn't need to show it to the world. I learnt the hard way that people judged you on the way you look even before they've said a word to you. I learnt soon not to care about such people. I think growing up makes you realise that you need to be free. Freedom is not travelling when you fancy it, although that could be your definition of it. Freedom is a state of mind. I may conform to the standards set by society but then I will not give up my individuality. I will wear my feathers if I want to, I will wear my metal tiara because its still got flowers that make me smile. I will wear my five rings to work and not care if you stare. That's who I grew up to be. A gypsy soul stuck in the confines of the modern world.

Are you a Gypsy hiding behind those starched shirts and blazers? 
Tell me in the comments below! 

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