Hello Winter


Hello Winter. You've snuck up into our daily routine with a slight nip in the air. Those five extra minutes in the morning as we struggle to get out of bed not wanting to leave the safety of the covers, and face the day have become very real.

Hello winter, you've tricked us with the scorching heat and bring us back to the essence of living in a scorching city. Mumbai is bouncing between hot and cold and settling firmly in confused somewhere.

Hello winter, you've heralded the season of happiness. There are weddings all around, red cups in the coffee shops and pretty fairy lights in stores. You made everything a little sweeter by just being.

Hello winter, you've had us dig out our boots and scarves. You are a constant companion in those long journeys in the train and even in the endless car rides inspite of aircon being on. We love that its cooler outside when we step out of the car at night.

Hello winter, you've given us an excuse to layer and pull out our knitwear that's usually only utilised on fancy trips.

Hello winter, you've given us an opportunity to properly utilise said layers to hide all the holiday and wedding binges we go on and still pass off as fashionable. We love that we can wear our slouchy jumpers that can hide our body fat and beanies that can hide the bad hair days we have ever so often.

Hello winter, thank you for giving us a chance to justify having hot chocolate with little marshmallows in bed while we watch our favorite tv shows under the quilt.

Hello winter, please stick around a bit longer this time!

Photo Credits: Yogesh Agashe
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