Back To School with #HattiexKoovs


Happy Children's day guys! Yes, its that day when the country celebrates the children and frankly, while I may not techncially fall in the "childrens" category anymore I believe in being a child at heart. That's exactly why this post is all about adding a bit of fun to your everyday school wardrobe. The Hattie x Koovs collection is a brilliant answer! Even if you don't go to school, its a cool collection that can work for casual Fridays at the office. I don't quite have words to describe how fun the HattiexKoovs collection is. No, I haven't been paid by Koovs to write about this and all the views and purchases in this post are my very own with my hard earned money!

So a few days ago, scrolling as I was through my instagram feed, I saw that the Hattie x Koovs collection had launched. Of course I logged on the website and saw the collection with growing excitement only to take a look at the prices and get majorly bummed out. Yes, I absolutely love the jackets but I really don't have that much money to spare for a jacket that I won't be able to wear in the current weather. But then, last weekend I got a message saying I get 1000 off any purchases over 2500 and I jumped with joy. You see, thanks to a few returns in the recent past I did have some credit in the store and combined with this voucuher, it was heaven! I promptly ordered the bag you see in the images and can I just say it was a great buy? (yes, you've seen it before in this post)

Ice Cream Print Jumper: Rs. 600, Myntra
Skater Skirt: Rs. 500, Myntra
Shoes: Rs. 500, Big Bazaar
#HattiexKoovs Backpack: Rs. 1295, Koovs (buy here)
Sunglasses: Rs. 150, Forever21

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 3045 which is around ₤32

The entire collection is a riot of colors and pop. Each piece oozes with a freshness and energy that's sure to make you smile and get excited just looking at it. Cheeky little quotes and interesting art makes you want to think about going back to your carefree school days. While the prices are a little on the high side, I think this collection would definitely make you smile even if you own one piece from it like me. The bag I bought is actually roomy and perfect for carrying almost your whole world. I managed to pack in my laptop, water bottle, wallet, makeup and a change of clothes and there was still room to spare!

Coming to the look, I wanted something that channeled my inner child. I love pop art at the moment and this sweatshirt is perfect for dreaming about summer while being chilled to the bone. Since its not really that cold in Mumbai, I paired it with a skater skirt and tied my hair in messy braids. The results, a look that's almost as fun as the bag!

What are you doing to celebrate Childrens Day? Tell me in the comments

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