How to Wear A Poncho and OTK Boots


I've never been a poncho person. My first tryst with the Poncho came while watching Ugly Betty where she's sporting a loud poncho on her first day of work at Mode magazine. Who else remembers that entrance?? Anyway, obviously that made me feel that there was no way I could ever make a poncho look good so I never tried. Then last year I went to a city that's got much lower drops in temperatures than I was used to and I found myself wearing my cosy knits and belting them at the waist to add a bit more definitions. Suddenly, I realised I was making ponchos out of my scarves in a way. Cut through to today and I'm the proud owner of one poncho and seriously contemplating buying a second!

Hat: Rs. 500, Foever21 sales
Poncho: Rs. 600, Colaba Causeway
Boho Coin Necklace: Rs. 300, Colaba Causeway
Over the Knee Boots: Rs. 1599,  Similar ones here
Bag: Rs. 1000, Once Again Store
Polo Neck Tshirt: Rs. 490, Pax, Colaba Causeway 
Skirt: Rs. 500, Jabong Sale

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 4989, which is around ₤50

Photo Credits: Yogesh Agashe

First off, ponchos are super cosy!! Secondly, don't believe the old me who was scared of styling them, they are actually superbly versatile pieces that can be styled many ways. I decided to wear mine for a full out winter day with my over the knee boots. These boots haven't been used enough in my book this year and I am praying I get a chance to wear them some more before the winter is gone. I wore a little lace skirt and a polo neck but a poncho works great with strappy tops too. If you live in a place where there isn't a full on drop in the temperatures, consider wearing a poncho with your sleeveless tops and you'll be layered to keep warm or jump in the pool, as the occasion demands!

If you don't own one yet and aren't willing to make the commitment, go ahead, try belting your long scarf the way I belted my poncho and see if you like it. Honestly, if you've ever draped your blanket scarves over your shoulders, you'll probably like ponchos too.

What are your thoughts on wearing these? Tell me in the comments below

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