Luxury at A Bargain - Sartorial Box


I get a lot of queries about how you can do luxury fashion on a budget. While this is something of a paradox in itself, I'm always searching for a way to tackle these requests. This is exactly why, when I came across the Rock N Shop's new Sartorial Box, I decided it was one of the answers to your questions! 

The Rock N Shop's Sartorial Box is a monthly, hand curated subscription box that delivers luxury fashion and lifestyle products at almost half the cost! Currently, the sartorial box is shipping out with the following fabulous stuff!
  • A pair of Sunglasses, The Eye-Catcher by John Jacobs - Rs. 3995
These sunglasses are so on trend, I can't even begin to say how much I need them. Wayfarers, tortoise shell, and perfect fit! They are essentially those classes sunnies that you'll be wearing for years to come! A definite highlight for me from this box. 
  • A Bag Charm, The Statement Charmer by Poem - Rs. 3000

Made from 100% leather (woops, I wish they had a vegan option here) this charm is adorable and screams luxury. An origami leather charm that can be attached to pretty much any bag, I really like the quirk factor of it! 
  • A beauty Product, The Miracle Mechanism by Just B Au Naturel - Rs. 731
This is a gentle exfoliater that promises brighter, more even-toned skin with a smooth and luscious finish. While I've never tried Japanese products before, this cream with it's Japanese Adzuki beans blends with papaya extracts and rice powder claims to address fine lines, uneven skintone, hyperpigmentation, and breakouts. Definitely a must try for every girl! 
  • A pair of shoes, The Knotty Flats by Crave Connect - Rs. 9450
These flats were yet another totally on trend piece I spied in this month's box. They have an almost brogue like feeling to it and for a pair of handcrafted beauties, they come packed with a lot of love and care while still being on trend. 
  • A piece of clothing, Chambray Top by Echo - Rs. 2700
A chambray top that can be worn in summers. That's exactly the kind of fun I'd want from my subscription box. I love the little detailing on the pocket flap and I think this will  be a perfect piece for Valentine's day as well as those casual weekend brunches in summer. 
And that's it folks. Those are the things you'll find in the Sartorial Box this month. Since you've already seen the prices for each item so let me tell you how much you pay. The Sartorial box comes for Rs. 15000 a month and usually has stuff worth over Rs. 20000. 
What the Sartorial Box Costs: Rs. 19876.
What you Pay for the Sartorial Box: Rs. 15000 (Buy here)

Yes, I know the price is in the higher range compared to all other subscription boxes but if we think of it in terms of luxury items, I think its actually a rather good bargain. For instance, you'd be paying almost 9.5k for just the pair of handcrafted shoes but instead, with paying just a little more, you get four more things with them. In that respect I feel the box is a complete bargain! I'd say get when you feel like indulging yourself in luxury products while still getting a great deal!!  Buy here
I feel that every pieces in this box can be styled in multiple ways and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the same! Personally, I can see myself walking to brunch in the crop top with my sunglasses on and comfy shoes and the charm hanging on my bag. 
How would you style the pieces from the Sartorial Box? Tell me in the comments below!! 

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