New Year, New Start, Hello 2017


Happy New Year Everyone!

I wanted to start the new year by sharing some personal thoughts. I believe Life is all about balance and as we start 2017, I can't help but look for that stability in life. I want to achieve things and I don't want to wait for a shoe to drop to signal the beginning. As we say hello to a new year, I wanted to start with a lookbook that showcases my search for balance.

This post is all about the balance of yin and yang. The first look is my take on breaking out of the stereotypical 'pretty girls wear heels, little dresses and red lipstick' mould. Recent events have made me realise that I'm not the fun loving girl next door who smiles at everyone and goes 'aww cute' for everything. I'm the girl who likes to be in-charge. I'm the girl who doesn't smile easy but smiles with all her heart and soul when she does. I'm the girl who doesn't believe in being casually dressed no matter how casual an event is. I'm also the girl who doesn't believe that you need heels and fancy jewellery to look pretty. Be a girl who wears a pretty dress with sneakers because she likes to run, a choker because she likes the style and a sloppy jacket because that's what you want to wear. Be a girl who doesn't need to have long hair or thigh gaps or abs to feel beautiful. I wore what is definitely sexy dress and toned it down with my oversized back jacket, my kiss choker and no makeup. I feel that you should be a girl with a mind of her own who won't compromise her integrity just to make a quick buck. Be a girl with a heart of gold and a will of steel.

The second look shows the side that I think is hidden inside every girl. Look close enough, and every girl has a soft side. Every girl wants to look glamorous no matter how much she loves her jeans and t-shirts. She may not go ooh-ahh over every kitten she sees, but she will definitely walk silently alongside when you've got nobody to lean on. She will wear a dress, but she won't wear it because it's expected or requested. Usually, dressing up means wearing that short black dress or showing a lot of skin. All the boys love the girl who wears the shortest dress and the biggest jewels. This look is all about being demure but sexy. Don't be afraid to wear that crazy necklace with your polished cocktail dress. Wear it because you want to. Sure, you should want to wear diamonds...but only if you've worked hard for them. Otherwise, its better to wear what you earned rather than what someone else probably spurned.

In the end I think, life is all about finding yourself. I spent last week hearing from friends I thought were seemingly happy but weren't. The meaning of life is hidden in the simple things. I haven't yet found the goal I want to work for but then that isn't the point. Balancing your dreams with reality...that is where I think, true happiness will lie.....

Have you found balance in your life? Tell me what is your take on 2017 in the comments below. 

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