Quirky Accents, How to Wear a BowTie Without Looking Geeky


Bowties are cool! So said my favorite fictional character (ahem, Doctor Who, ahem) and I can't help but agree. Especially when the bowtie is in such a funky print. I had my eye on this particular Quirk Box print right when the brand was exploding onto the fashion scene and I knew I had to get it for myself. While these bowties (yes, I have two) have been in my closet for quite a while now, they somehow never really made it onto the blog and that's something I though it was time to remedy.

White Shirt: Rs. 599, H&M Sale
Grey Trousers with Suspender: Rs. 499, Koovs Sale
Bowtie (Pack of Two): Rs.249, The Quirk Box
Black Oxfords: Rs. 300, Colaba Causeway
Quirky Bag: Rs. 599, The Quirk Box

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 2246, which is around ₤23

This look is all about being funky without looking crazy. Yes, you can wear nerdy things like suspenders and bowties together without being an actual geek. I personally love the idea of suspenders with anything and think they are such a cool statement piece that they go with literally everything. Ok maybe not evening gowns, but then I don't really have occasions to wear those so its quite awrite. And yes, dress like a nerd, but lets just say your a cute nerd.

I decided to pair my grey suspender trousers with a simple white shirt. Actually, this is the kind of outfit you can wear to work just like that. Of course, that was a little too normal for me, so I decided to add a bowtie in a fun print and also a bright pink bag. With my normal sunglasses and open hair, I was ready to toe the quirky line.

Have you ever worn a bowtie before? How did you style yours? Tell me in the comments

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