How to Wear a White Saree


Sarees associated with looking regal, classy and grown up. Sarees instantly make you look worldly and wise and white this is one outfit that always makes any girl look good, I for one don't want to grow old. Today's outfit has a bit of a back story so bear with me.

White Saree: Borrowed From Mom
Crop Top: Rs. 450, Lokhandwala
Converse: Rs. 800, Flipkart
Necklace worn as Waist Belt: Rs. 100, Flea Market, Borivali

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 1350, which is around ₤33

Photo Credits: Shruti Phulgirkar

If there's one thing that I've learnt this year, it's that its very important to find joy even in the things that make you sad. Honestly, this whole outfit is about just that. This white saree is my mom's staple for all those occasions where we've lost someone close to the family. I've always associated it with such situations and I wanted to turn it into something happier. Of course, I still wanted to make the entire look feel fresh and preppy. I paired the white saree with my converse and a sporty croptop. The simplest way to turn an outfit into something that feels a whole lot younger than it actually is to add sporty elements to it. There's just something about combining two contrasting trends such as Indian and athletisure.

Since I felt the look needed a bit more quirk, I decided to wear my coin necklace as a waist band and added my backpack for storing all my stuff (seriously, who else feels like they need Hermione's bottomless bag) and you get a practical way of wearing a saree! Honestly, this is the best way to wear a saree when you have run errands and still want to give your look an Indian touch! And if you're a girl like me who doesn't have a lot of traditional blouses then styling your outfit this way gives you a lot of street chic with a sneaky way to wear sarees.

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