Three Ways to Wear: A Circle Skirt


What is a Circle Skirt? A circle skirt is a skirt that's essentially cut in an almost circular shape so that if you spread it out, it would form a circle. This little skirt is something that is always my go-to in case I'm not leaning towards wearing a pleated skirt. A pleated skirt is still my favorite and always something that I'll fall back on in case I'm feeling a bit lazy and still want to look put together. I've actually shared some of my favorite ways to wear it, (3 ways for each folks) that you can go read if you fancy. (Lookbook 1 | Lookbook 2). 

Today's skirt is something that is so very versatile that I couldn't really wait to share the different possibilties with you all. Here's three of my favorite ways to wear it! Nope, I've got a few more but these are a three of the best ways to wear a circle skirt. Btw, no, I didn't intent for the looks to have a slight 4th of July vibe, that was purely coincidental!

Co-ordinated Separates

A simple cropped top is the easiest piece to pair with a skirt. While I'm showing you matched separates, this look works just as well with almost any top. A white shirt, a vest, a tube top, a long kaftan (don't forget it belt it to define your waist) seriously, this look can be replicated with literally any t-shirt that you may have hanging in your closet. Oh, and since circle skirts have so much volume, they're super fun for twirling around in too! How cool is that!?! As you can see from the pictures (and I have about a dozen more too that'll go exclusively on Instagram) I simply couldn't stop twirling when I wore this outfit!

Voluminous Sleeves

Statement sleeves are such a big hit that they seem to be everywhere at once. If you're like me and can't quite afford those fancy tops with the ruffled sleeves, why not try wearing your circle skirt as a one shoulder top. It's really as simple as arranging the top across your shoulders and belting it at the waist! The result, a flowy, bell sleeve, one shoulder top that's perfect for weekend walks by the beach and also for those impromptu movie plans with the girls! I paired my circle skirt turned into a one shoulder ruffle sleeve top with some more stripes in the form of this peek-a-boo striped skirt. Oh, and I didn't even make my hair, just pinned it up in a mass of messybun like mess. Literally, this look will take you less than 5 minutes to replicate and it is all kinds of street cool!

Waterfall Tube Top

Finally, you think I could go without creating a major boho look? I used the exact trick that I'd used with the long kurti (you can read all about those looks here) this is a much shorter top. I decided to turn this into a comfort bohemian look and added pops of color with my shoes and bag. The almost ruffled waterfall shape that the skirt takes is really great and it's like having a mini cape all of your own! The staement necklace gives the look a slightly bohemian vibe and guys these comfy cotton pants were bargain street buys that cost Rs. 200!! Seriously been living in them all summer!

That's the three there then folks! Those are my three favorite ways to wear a circle skirt. I actually have a lot more and I'd be happy to share those with you if you're interested. All you need to do is sign up for The Chiconomical Insider and you'll get inside access to all those extra ways to style basic wardrobe pieces! 

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