Three Ways to Wear: Gum Boots


Hiya lovely people. Have you been completely frustrated with the crazy weather this morning? I have! Mumbai usually doesn't have blinding sunshine one second and then crazy downpour the next. Now I know you think that this weather is something that's going to mess up your long weekend plans, but I've got the perfect ways to look fabulous by bringing you three ways to wear your gum boots. I know, you probably don't think these are versatile enough to be worn to everything that you could possibly have lined up on the weekend, but read on and maybe I'll change your mind.

1. Summer Hustler

If you're a lady who wear the pants but still loves her flowers and pretty earrings, this look's for you. I know it's hard to look pretty when you have to battle the elements but this simple look is perfect for rainy days. It has all the good things you'd need, and works great for days when you want major comfort, run errands and still be in time for the all girls power lunch at the cafe. 

2. Party Babe

Parties when it rains are always something I've struggled with. You don't want to get to the club all drenched and with stinky feet (yep, I wore leather shoes when I decided it definitely wouln't rain and ruined them with the added joy of having my feet smell like rotting leather). Well, try switching to this look where you pair your short dress/skirt with a pair of gum boots. Opt for one in a darker colors (black is the easiest to pair with anything really) and work really well with those LBDs. (In fact I've got a look showing you exactly how to do that in this month's Chiconomical Newsletter, so if you want to take a look, go signup for it today ('s totally free!))

3. Desi Boho Girl

Finally, this last look is something that commpletely defines me and is in fact something I wore to a play a couple of weeks ago. If you're a girl who loves to wear her maxi dresses but can't quite figure out how to wear it when it rains, this look's for you. Go for maxi dresses in uneven hems and then go ahead and pair them with your gum boots. A slightly heeled boot works well too. Put your hair up in a bun and add a pair of statement earrings and a fun bag and you're ready to brave the streets with their puddles and still be super comfy!

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