Three Ways to Wear: Tricolor on Indian Independence Day


It's almost time for our nation's 70th Independence day! I've already started the week with a post on how you can rock the tricolor at work and still look absolutely put together for the office. However, I know a lot of people are taking the long weekend off to go travel and thought it would make sense to share some more styling suggestions for wearing the colors of our country even while you're on vacation! So let's dive right in!

1. The Chic Traveller

If you're travelling around and are going to a warmer place, then why not try a comfy skirt and a scarf as a headband? This look has white as a subtle highlight and it a good way to wear the tricolor without being too obvious. If you've got a blue and white tshirt lying around, put it to good use and style it with a green skirt or pants. It's super easy, just go dig in your wardrobe. Oh, if you've not got anyhing in green, why not try blue denims with a white tshirt and an orange scarf tied like I have?

2. The Free Spirit

Want to style yourself with an indo-western twist on the 70th Independence day? And why not, it's the perfect representation of where India's at right now. I converted one of mom's old dupattas into a jacket. It literally takes 10 seconds to do and is an interesting way to wear your dupatta without looking too dowdy. Go on and dig in your closet and try it out. I promise you, you're gonna love it!

3. The Desi Chokri

If you're someone who is a hardcore indian at heart, why not pair your white kurti with orange flowers? I personally don't own a lot of orange so I got creative with incorporating it into my wardrobe. These flowers are everywhere and super cheap too, so you can get them if you want to show your quirky side and add a bit of fun to your wardrobe. I added a pair of sky blue tasseled earrings to get in the hint of blue into the outfit. This is the look you can style if you've decided to go full desi for the Indian independence day.

Hope you have a great weekend and celebrate Independence day with all the passion that it deserves!

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