3 Last Minute Halloween Outfit Ideas


It's the day before Halloween and you're invited to be you're craziest best to the office party. Or maybe your friends have decided to paint the town red this Halloween and while that's all great, you need a killer Halloween outfit. Or maybe you're like me and you've run out of money since it's the end of the month and you need a budget look, possibly something you can create from what you already own and hangs in your closet. Well my dear, I've got the answer to all these problems! Read on to see three super quick looks that you can create even if you're not creative!

1. Supergirl in Disguise

Okay, who hasn't wished they were the caped crusader at some point in their lives? Well, why not give the classic ensemble of cape and tights and underwear over those tights (cos yes, let's face it, that's still not cool!) a miss and dress as their everyday alteregos? This is a look that even guys can pull off without putting in too much effort. Wear your superman tshirt under a half buttoned shirt or jacket and put on your nerdy glasses and you're good to go! Extra points if you manage to find a telephone booth to change in! ;)

2. A Pirate

This is the simplest thing you can dress up in and it doesn't even require you to go shopping! Get those oversized black pants out of the back of your closet, pair them with the craziest white shirt you've got and add all the accessories. If you're not an accessories fan, why not pair it with a super cute headband. And tassels, lots of tassels! Oh, and if you have kids around, try sneaking out their toy sword to complete the swashbuckling yet lovable pirate look!

3. Wednesday Adams

This has always been my favorite Halloween look. There's just something about the Addams Family that is absolutely adorable. Who else remembers being totally fascinated by how sexy Morticia Addams looked and how completely lovable Lurge was? Wednesday Addams is again a look you'll be able to create with what you already own! The key is to style your hair in two braids and walk around with a sullen, angry face all evening! If I was ever invited to a Halloween party (that wasn't yet another excuse for simply getting drunk), this is exactly the look I'd be in!

I hope these looks have given you the much needed inspiration for some quick Halloween outfits. I firmly believe that Halloween should be more about having a good time and sharing scary stories. The looks are all just there to have a good laugh and you shouldn't really be going way too crazy spending a bomb on something that you'll be wearing most likely just once in a year!

Have a great time folks! And do share you're creative outfits with us using #Chiconomical so that we can enjoy the craziness with you!

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