5 Ways to Wear a Statement Necklace


Accessories can make or break an outfit! How many times have you heard this piece of advice? This may be a very good thing to say to people but that doesn't mean you can instantly figure out a way to wear those statement pieces! You might feel that while this is great advice, nobody is actually sharing the trick to style yourself. Today I'm sharing the style hacks I use to find the match made in heaven when it comes to statement necklace to outfit pairs!

1. Under a Collared Shirt

Let's start with the simplest first. This look first appeared in a post that I shot ages ago. While its dramatic look, you can easily wear this outfit by switching out the maxi skirt for a pair of fitted pants and take it to the office. The idea is to find a shirt in a solid color and pair it with a complementary necklace. I'd say look for pieces in muted gold or copper for the office. Anything that makes you squint your eyes is too shiny for the office and is best kept for parties.

2. With a similar Neckline

A smart way to add drama to an everyday outfit is to wear a statement necklace that has a shape similar to the neckline of the shirt you're wearing. The idea is to make the look seamless and have all the right shapes. The seamless neckline gives you a very crisp look and is a super easy way of looking put together without a lot of (read: no) effort. More casual the tshirt, greater the leeway to play with bolder necklaces.

3. With a Monochrome Outfit

The best way to add a pop of drama to a monochrome look is to add a statement necklace. Monochrome outfits are super easy to style and the smart way to make them look different every time is to pair them with different types of statement pieces. A scarf, a statement necklace in a bight color, these are some super easy ways to make you stand out without investing a lot of money.

4. Making a Bold Statement

If you think over the top is only possible with Indian outfits, why not try out a western outfit with the same over the top madness? I personally love to wear seemingly clashing pieces together to create a unique look. Here, I decided to pair my maxi skirt with a statement gold necklace and then toned it all down by adding a denim shirt for an almost 'Too Cool for You' look. I know, this may not be for everyone but the lesson being shared here is that you need to let yourself wear two bold pieces together without fear. It works!

5. As a Headband

Finally, we're all about double duty in real life so why shouldn't our accessories do the same? A statement necklace makes for a great headband and you've got to have seen it on my blog a number of times! (Like this festive look and this one too!). Definitely try and find creative ways to reuse your statement pieces. 

And that's it folks! I hope this little guide inspires you to find your favorite way to Wear a statement necklace. If you've got more questions, I highly recommend that you sign up for the Chiconomical Insider.

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