Workwear Chic: How to Wear a Black Blazer without looking Boring


Happy Monday folks! Are you in a post Diwali daze? It's Monday and my mind's turning to monochrome in an effort to make myself believe that the long weekend full of festivities is already over. If you're someone who thinks black blazers are one trick ponies then think again.

1. As a two piece suit with a pop of color

If you're a girl who thinks classics suit your personal style best then let me suggest adding a single statement piece to stand out. A classic blazer two piece with a white shirt can become unique by simply adding a statement neckpiece. If jewellry isn't your favorite thing, you can add a pop of color with a shirt or even your heels. One piece that's a representation of your personality. Remember, it's abut standing out even if you're wearing the same pieces as another girl in the office.

2. With a funky statement pieces

Yet another twist on the classic blazer set. Why not find all the funky pieces that you love and pair them with your formals? For instance, here I paired a hextie (totally borrowed it from my friend) with an all black outfit. A bold lip and messy hair and there's a look that's just the right mix of strong yet feminine. If you're so inclined, you can even add a bowtie and a pair of clear glasses to show off your nerdy side!

3. With Bright Separates

And the last bit of advice, and this is something I always give people when they ask me how to wear black to work without being boring is to pair it with bright colors. The beauty of black is that it works with all other colors and still looks completely put together. I'd suggest pairing it with your bright trousers or skirt. Extra points if you manage to pair it with palazzos or neon colors!

I hope this helps your Monday get a bit more bearable and gives you some direction to workwear dressing if you're in a post festive daze. Remember, always be yourself because you're the prettiest when you're most comfortable! Have a fabulous Monday guys!

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