How to Wear a Casual Printed Jumpsuit to The Office + 2 Bonus Looks!


Hello folks! We're on Wednesday and that means we've got some new style answers for your workwear woes! (wow that sentence has a lot of 'W's'). If you've been around long enough, you know I'm all for making a single piece work different ways and I think a lot of people have pushed the casual jumpsuit at the back of their closet when they're working cos they just don't know how to style it. Well we've got you covered girl! Today's look is all about bringing the casual jumpsuit out from the mothballs during the week and wearing it with comfort and style to that corporate meeting!

To create this look, all you need are some workwear basics I'm sure you already own. I paired my printed casual jumpsuit (that you've probably already seen if you're following me on Instagram) with a classic black blazer (which can be style in only a million ways like This, This or This) and a pair of classic pumps. Bear in mind that although I'm styling the jumpsuit with a stiletto heel, this outfit works just as well with a flat or a kitten heel or any heel you'd like.

The makeup is simple (cos well I don't know how to do fancy makeup to be very honest) and since we're right at the start of the monsoons here in India, I styled it for bonus with a monochrome umbrella (this is expensive but honestly it's survived through endless storms!). The jumpsuit is actually a very casual material and fit (it has a drawstring front people!!) but that's easily fixed to create a more polished look with a simple statement belt. Not only does it give you some structure and shape, it also helps distract people from the extra large burger you ate at lunch by highlighting your natural waist (Style Tip: slide it casually along your body to your tiniest part as the food baby starts piling on :P )

And that's your weekend wardrobe, going to the office, just like that!!

Oh, and because I've used a jumpsuit with a loud print that people have trouble styling on the weekends too, I've got two more looks for you that are a bit more casual and laid back...just in case you need to breathe some fresh life into your weekend wardrobe too!

Bonus Look 1:

For this look, I simply wore the jumpsuit on it's own and used a obi belt to clinch my waist. It's a lot more casual and the knotted obi belt gives it's a relaxed vibe. I kept the rest of the look simple and went for a no makeup, hair up in a bun look. This is actually an outfit I wore to a family lunch just last weekend! Style Tip: With loud prints, it's always a good idea to keep the rest of the look minimal to keep so that it doesn't get over the top!

Bonus Look 2:

And yes, I have to admit this is a rather extremely difficult to pee in it kinda look with all the layers but I still wanted to tell you it could be done. Another casual way to wear a printed jumpsuit is to turn it into a pair of pants. I just added a casual cropped tshirt to the jumpsuit and slipped into my comfy sneakers. This look screams sporty chic to me. Also, the jumpsuit with it's slinky material makes for the most comfy and stretchy running pants!

And that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed these three looks. Don't forget to get yourself a copy of my White Shirt Style Guide if you love to make your officewear work double duty. It's got  all my exclusive style scoop and that gets delivered to your inbox for free! I'll see you guys next week and hope you have a great week at the office!

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