Workwear Chic: Layering for Mumbai Weather


Hello world!! It's been a while since my last post and maybe you didn't even realise I was gone but I've been having a bit of a hard time lately. For a number of reasons ranging from health to simply feeling lost, I've been away and now I finally feel like its time to get back to talking to you all.

Since it's technically winter, I thought I'd share some tips on layering. Now living in a tropical city means the winters aren't all that wintery. In fact, the weather feels more like an alphabet soup of all weather synonyms packed together in one big bowl. However, that just means we have that many opportunities to get creative with our outfits.

Today's look is something I shot sometime in December but never posted. However, this look is still relevant even with the current weather and it's almost boomerang switches. A classic look for work is Monochrome.

White Shirt: Rs. 600, Forever21
Trousers: Rs. 300, Globus Sale
Heels: Rs. 1190, Zara Sale
Vest: Rs. 545, Quirkbox
Blazer: Rs. 1000, Primark (Gift from cousin)

Total Outfit Cost: Rs. 3635, which is  around ₤36

The trick is to layer in such a way that your outfit doesn't look incomplete. In this look, I decided to layer a full sleeved white shirt with a vest and then topped it with a blazer. If you find yourself walking about in the sun in the afternoons you can easily take off the blazer and the vest and still look put together. I specifically added the self-printed trousers to the look instead of regular ones because it helps you add some interest to the look even if you take off the printed vest. 

That's it folks. There ain't nothing to it. Just think about creating an outfit with minimal pieces and then add an extra layer just in case. The weather's definitely taking a turn towards sunny, scorching days so if you're ever going to make the most of your wintery bits, the time is NOW! 

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