3 Ways to Wear Indo Western - Royal Blue


Happy Tuesday guys! We're in the home stretch of this absolutely mad festival and can I say I'm just a little bit relieved? If you don't know already, this post is part of a nine day series where everyday I share 3 looks with you in a particular color. Go check out the previous posts here if you haven't seen them already (Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 )

The thing about writing a post everyday is that it's physically taxing and sometimes it's hard to create posts of value for you all. However, today's not about whining but about one of my favorite colors, blue! Now for today's look series, I wanted to give you guys super quick ways to wear blue. I have worn royal blue before I a couple of my posts mostly here and here and so today's post is actually designed to feature styling I haven't done before.

1. Comfort Workwear

Can we take a moment to appreciate the palazzos to work trend that seems to have finally arrived? I spoke about it in a post a couple of months ago where I broke down excatly how you can wear palazzos to work. Today I wanted to give you another option to do the same. If you own just one pair of palazzos, then you can absolutely style this look. A white shirt (something that I'm a HUGE fan of and I've shared 10 unique look ideas to style it too btw, in case you're interested) and an obi belt are all that you need to complete this look. In fact, if you're not a fan of tucking in your shirts, this is a great look for you!

2. Everyday Woman

You know the crazy period dramas that have hit the Indian screens recently? It's like we're assaulted with period images all the time and that mean I can't help but get a bit of ethnic fashion from the days gone by and infuse it with my indo-western series. Since you loved the last post where I fashioned a top from a dupatta so very much, I decided to share yet another favorite drape of mine. This is actually a converted dupatta and this super comfortable and functional. The drape is completely inspired by period dramas of recent times on television, eventhough I don't watch them unless it's as a passive second party who has zero control of the remote control! Yep, I know it's happened to you too!

3. Double Duty 

Finally, since I can't imagine asking you to go out and buy more pieces, I decided I'd share a quick way to reuse the skirt from above. This blue maxi skirt has been a wardrobe staple for countless number of years and if you want to switch things up, why not try and pair your saree blouse (yes, you heard me right) with a maxi skirt like I've done here? This is a super quick way of getting yourself a new maxi dress/anarkali if you fancy and the top can change into whatever's struck your fancy for the day. Reusing clothes you already own is a huge part of affordable fashion. It isn't about buying more, it's about using more!

Have a great day guys. I'm off to get another 3 ways done and hope you remember to come back tomorrow and see what's in store!

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