The perfect holiday dress!


ITS my first post! So, I've been debating whether I should start this blog or not, and finally, I've decided to give it a shot! So here goes....
Holidays for me equal easy dressing. Hence the love for dresses, you put on one outfit, a couple of accessories, bish-bash-bosh! Ur done!! No fretting over matching(oh the horror!!) bottoms with an appropriate top!

Dress:  Rs. 300, from Hill Road 
Earrings: Rs. 20, from Train
Shoes: Present, from aunt

I love this dress(a little more than others) because you don't even need  anything around your neck thanks to the nifty little thread-work there. It even gives you a necklace attached to your dress, cool innit? Yes, I'm a nutter for the little things!

I did wear some bracelets with this but I just realised that they haven't turned up in the pictures. Oh well, those were self made in the primitive, "put beads on a thread and tie a knot" way. Oh, btw, the dress is actually a Remanika(yes, its one of those hot Indian brands) knock-off, but hush, don't tell anyone! ^_^

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